GNU/Linux Desktops Climb A Mountain In Bahrain


See Top 7 Desktop OSs in Bahrain from July 2008 to June 2015
That’s not all. Even if you lump Desktop and Mobile together, Android/Linux beats all other operating systems in Bahrain by a wide margin. These folks are not tied to the past in IT…
It’s the year of */Linux in Bahrain.

Bahrain is a wealthy country. With over a million people it is 12th in the world in GDP/capita. These folks are not using */Linux because they can’t afford other choices. They choose */Linux because they like it and it works for them.

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2 Responses to GNU/Linux Desktops Climb A Mountain In Bahrain

  1. oiaohm says:

    antifanboy sorry Microsoft idea to merge the two. Microsoft Surface Pro 3 comes to mind.

    –Stop lumping phones, tablets and game consoles in the same category.–
    Lets bring up the idea of Phones and Tablets. Game consoles you have a point you can pick them out in the data most cases.
    So a 21 Inch device with a keyboard and mouse and no battery is a tablet??? Without question something like the State-21 from Hp is a arm based PC running Android. You will find Lenovo and Dell also make products like this.

    Reality here is Android is a PC OS as well as a Tablet and Phone OS.

    Big problem how do we separate it when statcounter does not separate Android PC class devices from Android Tablet and Phone devices.

    antifanboy you can request that we don’t mix arm with x86 even this is not possible because statcounter and other webstats don’t collect what cpu the android devices are. Yes Android runs on x86, arm and mips.

    Any pure intel chipset 64 bit PC with EFI can run

    Really when Android is a desktop OS. And is sold as a Desktop OS . Why should its market presence not be compared against other Desktop OS out there.

    Now if you don’t want us phones/tablet into the mix provide as with stats that truly do separate Andriod out properly into its 3 types.

  2. antifanboy says:

    Stop lumping phone and tablets in the same category as desktops. It’s deceptive.

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