GNU/Linux Page-views Ramping Up Like Never Before

Growth is good. It shows health, vigour, promise for the future. Compared to the past 2015 is looking like a promising future for GNU/Linux on the desktop if StatCounter’s page-views are any measure.

In Malta, The Year Of The GNU/Linux Desktop started in 2014. For the rest of the world it varies but 2015 is stellar. I like it.

To add insult and injury to Wintel, even in the home country, USA, GNU/Linux is ramping up both as traditional GNU/Linux and as Chrome OS, Google’s concept.

So, this is GNU/Linux’s year. The year when positive feedback is kicking in. The year when M$ burned it’s bridges to consumers and OEMs with ill-conceived nonsense. The year the world realized it had a choice of operating systems for PCs. Amen.

See StatCounter

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  1. ram says:

    Raspberry Pi’s, Intel Compute Sticks, and Intel NUC boxen. Small, low power consumption, and run Linux just fine!

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