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FLOSS Grows Stronger in Albania

FLOSS is everywhere these days, even in Albania.“more than 400 free libre open source technology enthusiasts, developers, academics, governmental agencies and people who share the idea that software should be free and open for the local community and governments to … Continue reading

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The Whole World Moves On To GNU/Linux

Yesterday, Sunday, 2015-Mar-29 was a great day in the neighbourhood of planet Earth. 141 countries were over 1% usage of desktop GNU/Linux according to StatCounter and Guinea-Bissau had another spike. Of those 141 countries, the average share was 2.3% GNU/Linux. … Continue reading

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Look Out World! China Is Giving Ubuntu GNU/Linux A Try

For ages, China has been a world-leader in manufacturing and a tail-end-charlie in adoption of GNU/Linux on the desktop. Oh, there were initiatives from government but they didn’t seem to bite. All that’s changed. Google sees a trend in interest … Continue reading

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