Linux 3.18.10 Is Out

There’s nothing remarkable about a new release of Linux. It happens every week or so in one version of another. This one is a bit special, however,:

  • It’s the first we’ve seen since Sasha Levin adopted 3.18.* for Long Term Support. I’ve been using the current version – 1 for awhile issued by Greg Kroah Hartman. 3.18.* was added to the LTS list.
    “Version Maintainer Released Projected EOL
    + 3.18 Sasha Levin 2014-12-07 Jan, 2017”
  • Usually Greg issues a preview a few days before release. Rarely is anything wrong. Sasha did not this time. I hope nothing goes wrong… *
  • Mostly I upgrade my kernel for reasons of security, bug-fixes or new features. Lately, life has been good except for some dropouts for RealTek 8168 driver. The problem has been located and fixed in the mainline and 3.18.10 copies the reversion of an apparently bad patch. No one’s quite sure what the problem is but they’ve identified the patch that triggers dropouts…“Revert “r8169: add support for Byte Queue Limits””

Now that it’s LTS, I guess I will stick with 3.18.* for a while. Apart from the occasional problem with one driver it’s been cool.

* UPDATE – Sasha Levin reports he did issue a review of 3.18.10. It was in a different place than I usually look for it. see Sasha’s comment

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  1. Further, on Sasha Levin’s workflow:

    On LKML <a href="; title="Apologies for that, it should have happened for the previous releases as well.My scripts still need fine tuning, but I’m getting there :)” target=”_blank”>another commented that he was surprised by the release too…

    I can understand that. My workflow for this blog keeps evolving too. I hope it’s improving with each change. I know it’s getting easier to produce those pretty graphs… So far, Linux 3.18.* is working perfectly for me.

  2. Sasha Levin wrote, “FWIW…”

    I was poking around GMANE ( and found it’s a pretty sick site. It swamped my browser with PHP error messages like “permission denied” and such. No kidding. My Beast started swapping. I was using 4gB of swap just loading a page. Had to kill the browser to do anything. lkml had problems in the past. Too popular…

  3. Sasha Levin wrote, “I’m using the same workflow as Greg, and a review for 3.18.10 (and future stable kernels) does happen.”

    Thanks!. I usually watch lkml so I didn’t see that. There’s also nothing in

    3.18.10 is working smoothly for me, with no undesirable r8169 messages.

  4. Sasha Levin says:

    FWIW, I’m using the same workflow as Greg, and a review for 3.18.10 (and future stable kernels) does happen. For 3.18.10 it was .

  5. dougman says:

    I’m running 3.19.1 and it runs smooth.

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