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Discovering GNU/Linux

Every user of GNU/Linux either has it imposed on them by some higher power or has an “AH HA! moment”.“This is pretty cool. Can I keep it, please?See Zorin OS: Can I keep it, please?.” I’ve both seen the “Ah … Continue reading

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Apple Breaks FLOSS

“Pulling an open-source project upon which people may depend is total jerk behaviorSee Apple May Have Just Killed An Open Source Project.”It could be a breakdown in communication but Apple just acquired a company and the company’s GitHub repository shut … Continue reading

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European Parliament Leans Towards Free Software

I’ve long held that FLOSS is the right way to do IT. The European Parliament tends to agree:“We find that lock-in and vendor dependence are difficult to reconcile with the principle of openness and of “utmost transparency” to which Parliament … Continue reading

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Yes, Using That Other OS Can Hurt Your Business

Yes. For years my business was education, K-12. I switched to GNU/Linux because that other OS would not work for me and my students: refusing to boot, re-re-rebooting, picking up malware, slowing down, freezing, etc.“A few days ago in the … Continue reading

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