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Greens Put German Foreign Affairs On The Hot Seat Over FLOSS

I’m not particularly fond of politicians. They have a habit of saying one thing during election campaigns and another when in office…“The Greens question the validity of the main argument used by the Foreign Ministry for the return to the … Continue reading

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The Frame

Here’s my new lifting frame with paint barely dry. It’s the second such frame I’ve ever built so it has some design defects like marginal stability without something on the lifing-loop… It’s also made from a gazillion pieces of scrap … Continue reading

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Yes, Folks, The Reign Of Wintel Has Ended

It used to be that Wintel could count on 10% per annum growth year after year, reflecting utter dependence by the world’s population. Today, the story is much different. There have been years of lower growth and now IDC forecasts … Continue reading

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