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$149 For A Real Notebook PC

I’ve invited Walmart to spam my inbox with stuff they’re selling. Usually it’s fairly routine stuff“With an 8.5-hour battery life, the Hisense Chromebook keeps you going all day. The Hisense Chromebook features a textured lid for keeping a sure grip … Continue reading

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GNU/Linux By Continent In 2015 So Far

According to StatCounter, GNU/Linux desktops have been going well in 2015. Here’s the data for the first quarter by week and region. Europe and North America were the stars. Oceania, Africa and Asia are still lagging but also moving up. … Continue reading

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FLOSS Grows Stronger in Albania

FLOSS is everywhere these days, even in Albania.“more than 400 free libre open source technology enthusiasts, developers, academics, governmental agencies and people who share the idea that software should be free and open for the local community and governments to … Continue reading

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The Whole World Moves On To GNU/Linux

Yesterday, Sunday, 2015-Mar-29 was a great day in the neighbourhood of planet Earth. 141 countries were over 1% usage of desktop GNU/Linux according to StatCounter and Guinea-Bissau had another spike. Of those 141 countries, the average share was 2.3% GNU/Linux. … Continue reading

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Look Out World! China Is Giving Ubuntu GNU/Linux A Try

For ages, China has been a world-leader in manufacturing and a tail-end-charlie in adoption of GNU/Linux on the desktop. Oh, there were initiatives from government but they didn’t seem to bite. All that’s changed. Google sees a trend in interest … Continue reading

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I’ve spent weeks dodging the weather and supplying equipment I lacked to bring my new tractor up. The assembly required waiting for warmer weather as I worked outdoors or in my unheated garage. It went pretty smoothly once I had … Continue reading

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8 Weeks In France – GNU/Linux Triumphs On The Desktop

I’ve only been in France for a few hours on one day when I took a tour of CERN. I went on a “French” day, hoping I could hack it. I couldn’t. My French was too slow. Fortunately the tour-group … Continue reading

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European Commission Open Source Software Strategy 2014-2017

I’d say the EC has a great strategy: “For all future IT developments, the Commission shall promote the use of products that support recognised, well-documented and preferably open technical specifications that can be freely adopted, implemented and extended. Interoperability is … Continue reading

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Who’s Using, And Not Using, GNU/Linux Desktops

According to StatCounter, the top ten users (average 7%) and users just over 1% of GNU/Linux on the desktop, yesterday, were USERS Timor-Leste Uruguay Reunion Comoros Cuba Tajikistan Venezuela Malta Czech Republic Holy SeeShare (%) 16.18 9.13 8.65 7.55 6.01 … Continue reading

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Linux 3.18.10 Is Out

There’s nothing remarkable about a new release of Linux. It happens every week or so in one version of another. This one is a bit special, however,: It’s the first we’ve seen since Sasha Levin adopted 3.18.* for Long Term … Continue reading

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M$ Hammers Loyal Customers

Yep. All the bad things M$ did to lock-in consumers with exclusive deals with OEMs and retailers are “Over one-third of the 436 councils surveyed across the UK have been subject to at least one software licence review in the … Continue reading

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Discovering GNU/Linux

Every user of GNU/Linux either has it imposed on them by some higher power or has an “AH HA! moment”.“This is pretty cool. Can I keep it, please?See Zorin OS: Can I keep it, please?.” I’ve both seen the “Ah … Continue reading

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