Portugal Gets FLOSS

FLOSS is the right way to do IT. Portugal gets that and plans to save a bundle annually.“The government of Portugal is expanding its use of free and open source software solutions, to modernise the country’s ICT and to “target an effective expenditure”, says Pedro Viana, a ICT specialist working for the country’s Agency for Administrative Modernisation (AMA). Open source has been implemented since 2013, he says, “whenever a rigorous and objective evaluation analysis of maturity and total cost of ownership shows that it is advantageous.”

In 2016, Portugal aims to save EUR 10 million by moving to free and open source.”
It all comes down to the licence. If you have the right to use, examine, modify and distribute the software, your costs go down, just as they go down for everyone who uses FLOSS. It’s about sharing. If everyone shares in the cost of producing and distributing software, everyone pays less because folks like M$ are not siphoning off $billions and imposing software slavery to keep you coming back for more abuse.

Yes, the government of Portugal may be taking the lead on use of FLOSS. Usage is highest on weekdays. Good.

See Rationalising ICT takes Portugal to open source.

Thanks, StatCounter.

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