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Yes, That Other OS Is Broken And Tagged, “Won’t Fix”

We’ve known for many years that other OS was a hopelessly complex pile of vulnerabilities, but now even M$ acknowledges that.“Unlike recent high-profile vulnerabilities like Heartbleed, Shellshock, Gotofail, and POODLE, this is a design problem not an implementation problem. The … Continue reading

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Three Worlds

In IT there are three worlds: old, established markets like USA locked into doing things the old way, old, established markets like Europe locked in but looking for a way forward, and new, emerging markets like India not locked in … Continue reading

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Millions Of Opportunities For GNU/Linux To Take Over

Low hanging fruit is often picked first. That could happen“Gartner reckons there are eight million Windows Server 2003 OS instances in operation, and SI Avanade reckons that of those instances, a full 20 per cent – 1.6 million – will … Continue reading

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