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Oh, GAWWWD! Poettering’s Dreams Of Domination Don’t End With systemd

Poettering is like Hitler or Putin. Give hime init and he’s still not “appeased”.“There were no slides. None whatsoever. No presentation. He just talked.” He wants the world. No, his resolutions for 2015 include everything he could think of to … Continue reading

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Another Cuban Revolution

When I was a boy, the CIA, Castro and Kennedy were all over the news. Lately, there’s talk of normalizing relations between Cuba and USA. What about GNU/Linux, the radical OS? There it is. In Cuba, where trade with US … Continue reading

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Applications? Yes, The Applications Set Android/Linux On Fire

“There have been more than one million free and chargeable applications at Google Play, with two billion downloads a day on average from about 190 countries. Google paid a total of US$5 billion to developers of Google Play applications during … Continue reading

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