YAY! A New, Improved Inkscape!

I like SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics). I use it a lot on this blog because I don’t need thumbnails and the viewer gets the size he wants.“Inkscape just released version 0.91 of their Open Source vector graphics editor, and the new package will soon be available in the stable repositories for Fedora 21. Inkscape 0.91 is the first major release of Inkscape for a few years, and it has many bugfixes and new features compared to the previous Inkscape 0.48 release.” I use GNUmeric to generate SVG graphs but I use Inkscape if I need to tweak something on them. Inkscape works very well but it has had a few awkwardnesses in the 0.48 version in Debian Jessie. The 0.91 version has a few fixes and features that I love:

  • parallel processing and other speed-ups like
  • caching and
  • five years of bug-fixes…

Unfortunately, they don’t have a .deb package for my system but I built it from source code:
clamdscan inkscape-0.91.tar.gz
tar xzf inkscape-0.91.tar.gz
cd inkscape-0.91

That last step revealed a few missing dependencies:
No package 'bdw-gc' found
No package 'cairomm-1.0' found
No package 'glibmm-2.4' found
No package 'giomm-2.4' found
No package 'gsl' found
No package 'sigc++-2.0' found

I could neither find bdw-gc nor giomm-2.4 in Debian’s repository, but
apt-cache search libcairomm found
apt-get install libcairomm-1.0-dev which also installed sigc++-2.0
Similarly, apt-get install libglibmm-2.4-dev libgsl0-dev

Googling revealed Debian calls bdw-gc, libgc-dev so
apt-get install libgc-dev fixed that. Configure also found I needed
apt-get install libgtkmm-2.4-dev.

Configure was fine with that but suggested I could have Magick++ for ImageMagick… so
apt-get install libmagick++-dev fixed that.

After a clean ./configure, time make -j 4 produced a build in 15 minutes (while two users were also browsing with FireFox…).

Then, as root, make install gave me goodies in /usr/local/bin/, inkscape and inkview. It’s too bad Inkscape has missed the freeze in Debian Jessie but that’s easily remedied by installing from source as I have done. Maintenance will require repeating this process until version 0.91 and updates get into Debian. Oops! It’s been there in the main repository for a few days now. I could have saved some time by downloading the .deb from there. Oh, well. I cut out the middle-man…

See Inkscape Version 0.91 is Released!.

About Robert Pogson

I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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6 Responses to YAY! A New, Improved Inkscape!

  1. thr wrote, “The truth will make you free, DrLoser. Don’t be a sheep.”

    He’s not a sheep but a dog harassing the good sheep.

  2. thr says:

    Pre-1.0 version numbers are quite common with free software. But contrary to conventional wisdom it does not mean that free software with a pre-1.0 version number is inherently unstable or only geared towards early adopters, developers etc. DrLoser probably understands this perfectly well, but his basic modus operandi forbids him to admit it.

    The truth will make you free, DrLoser. Don’t be a sheep.

  3. DrLoser wrote, of Inkscape, “when on Earth would you ever use it? Have you done so? Do you intend to?”

    Oh, I’ve used it on the blog a bunch of times, to add/change some drawing, or to design some weldment or birdhouse. e.g., a welding table I have welded many times. I built one for the construction of the hoisting frame which is still in progress out in the cold. It’s so simple I don’t need a drawing but to describe it to others, one picture is worth 1K words.

  4. DrLoser wrote, “normal people distrust this “0.91” stuff”.

    That’s OK. Just multiply by 10 and get 9.1. That’s M$’s method.

  5. I’ve tested inkscape 0.91 downloaded from Debian experimental and it seems fine. Dependencies were all met by Jessie.

  6. DrLoser says:

    Do let us know when the undoubtedly “beautiful” Inkscape is released at 1.0, Robert.

    Not a necessary qualification for a comparison against the Venus de Milo, I agree.

    But normal people distrust this “0.91” stuff. Particularly if, like me, they have developed “0.91” stuff. No doubt it has gone through a rigorous 0.91 QA regimen.

    Which makes it ideal for … whatever purpose you, Robert, need it for.

    Out of faint interest, when on Earth would you ever use it? Have you done so? Do you intend to?

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