Mobile-only users of the Internet are an interesting lot. Do they not have a legacy PC? Are they embarrassed to use a legacy PC? What’s the deal?

Facebook keeps track of their users. 526 million accessed Facebook only by a mobile device: smartphone or tablet… and that number is up 78% from last year. duh-duh, duh-duh, duh-DUH, DUH-DUH… Can you hear the footsteps getting closer, Wintel? This is one more of the thousand cuts. Perhaps better, one more of a dozen fatal blows.

I’ve seen a few users of FaceBook. Some, like me, just visit briefly almost every day and don’t give a DAMN! how we do it. Others live by their PC and keep a window open all day long. Others walk around and have it on speed-dial on the smartphone. I think there’s an app for that. I just don’t know… 😉 If a dedicated FB user can live with a smartphone I wonder how many other categories of users of IT can do the same. It’s probably more than 10% and less than 30%, just guessing. It’s a lot. These are folks to whom Wintel has no appeal and the old adage that smartphones/tablets are just for consumption are way off. Some folks post dozens of updates daily from their smartphones complete with multimedia. They are somewhat more specialized than users of legacy PCs but certainly know they don’t want to be anchored to a desk nor to a desktop. They certainly don’t care that they’re not using M$’s stuff, that their processors make pathetic hair-driers and most of them are using */Linux, either Android/Linux (~60%) or other Linux (<1%). If they are truly mobile, they likely pay hefty bandwidth charges and don’t want to spend money on a legacy PC nor prop up M$. Good.

What we are seeing is competition in action. It’s not winner take all. It’s the customer is always right and price/performance does matter. It was a lie that M$ was the naturally selected winner.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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  1. oiaohm wrote, “Microsoft Windows without a Internet connection how are you going to get upgrades.”

    Then there is Genuine WdisAdvantage. I’ve worked in communities where folks had no Internet connection and no phone lines. Vista actually quit working for them after 30days. They were using it as a media centre. I blew it away and installed GNU/Linux for much satisfaction. M$ shoots itself in the foot often with its silly restrictions. People love freedom from the EULA.

  2. oiaohm says:

    Dr Loser USA centric idiot as normal.
    2009 facebook is free in one directtion.
    2010 free on both directions as long as you use the site what is the site optimized for mobile phone web-browsers.

    Microsoft Windows without a Internet connection how are you going to get upgrades. I have to pay bandwidth charges on Windows Update. Linux update due to my carrier in Australia is free. The phone connection rate on prepaid here in Australia can be insanely light. One is creative 2 dollars a day if you use a charged service. Yes using is not a charged service and if that is all you use your phone for 2 dollars might get you 3 years.

    Australia is not the only place with these old costings. It would be very interesting to see the facebook user map of those dominantly using mobile phones.

    Microsoft really needs to start doing some deals with ISP’s to make Windows updates not account download charges.

  3. Dr Loser says:

    So, your theory here is based upon the following facts:

    1) Mr Pogson is a casual user of Facebook.
    2) Mr Pogson has observed other people using Facebook on mobile phones.
    3) Mr Pogson is unaware of that magical “Facebook app” out there, but is quite sure that there must be one. It’s just not quite as discoverable as Mr Pogson would like.


    Total Linux World Domination!

    Well, it’s a cute little theory in its way. Very silly indeed, but cute.

    Incidentally, Robert, that “Facebook app” that eluded you? It’s called “a browser.” Funny you should fail to notice that, because I can guarantee that 99% of the “sheeple” who access Facebook, access it through a browser. Which is sub-optimal on most mobile devices.

    If they are truly mobile, they likely pay hefty bandwidth charges and don’t want to spend money on a legacy PC nor prop up M$. Good.


    Why is paying “hefty bandwidth charges” to an oligopoly like {Verizon, Mobillity, Sprint, T-Mobile, Cellular} in any way preferable to a consumer to paying $50 over three years to Microsoft?

    Did you really mean to fall into this analogy? If so, let me disabuse you of the feeble notion that it supports your cause. In either case, there is a one-off charge and an annuity. As follows:

    Microsoft: One-off charge of $50, to taste, feel free to adjust. Annuity of $0.
    Mobile Network Provider: One-off charge of, say, $200 for a pure phone contract over three years. Annuity of as much bandwidth as they can rip you off for.

    If this is your Brave New FLOSS World, Robert, I can’t say that it makes any sense to normal people who need to pay for this stuff.

    Never mind. One Quasi-Monopoly Bad. Five Oligarchies, Better.

  4. dougman says:

    Citing Pareto, 80% of what I do on a computer can be done from a smartphone. However, the remaining 20% is ever decreasing. I see a time when large box computer being supplanted by more powerful hand-held devices. Give it a few years time.

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