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Android/Linux Is The New PacMan

As the map below shows, Android/Linux has overtaken desktop operating systems over much of the world, a huge swath through Asia and most of Africa. Along with skipping lock-in to Wintel, many folks are skipping copper and cable and satellite … Continue reading

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Radicals And FLOSS

The word, “radical”, has been in the news a lot lately. Often it’s associated with some bad news like problems caused by radical this that or the other.“you must let the other person decide whether she thinks you are a … Continue reading

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M$ Continues To Lose The Web

Not only are existing users of M$’s web servers annoyed by price/performance, “Microsoft’s decline seems far less dramatic when looking at the number of web-facing computers that use its server software. A net loss of 6,200 computers this month resulted … Continue reading

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French Ministries and Munich Give Back By Joining TDF

There are many ways FLOSS is funded. Organizations can hire individual developers to contribute, make donations or even join as Munich recently did with The Document Foundation.“In Munich, LibreOffice is now used on 16,000 PC workstations. “The city of Munich … Continue reading

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