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2015 – Crippling Wintel

Wintel is at a huge disadvantage in 2015. All the things that locked the world into Wintel in decades past now are locking Wintel out: mobility, touch, Android/Linux the cool OS, OEMs ship the stuff, retailers stock it and consumers … Continue reading

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“That Other OS”

“What kind of computer do I need to be able to run PCLinuxOS?ProcessorAny Intel, AMD or VIA processor.” Sigh, upon recommendation, I took a look at PCLinuxOS, a distro that uses APT. It has a lot to recommend: a decent … Continue reading

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My Goodness! How Things Change In A Couple Of Years!

It was just a couple of years ago that Linus cursed Nvidia and now Nvidia is using GNU/Linux to make presentations in global forums. Has Hell frozen? Do Penguins fly?“NVIDIA is using Ubuntu for its presentation and it’s not just … Continue reading

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Some Assembly Required – The Tractor Has Arrived

My new Chinese tractor finally arrived. There was no apparent damage. I was surprised to find things not bolted down but they were packed in tight and with their weight nothing bothered them. Everything was clean and dry.

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