Asia seems to be a hotbed of smartphone adoption. A recent survey in Taiwan found a huge percentage“In the over-11 age group, 14.32 million people in Taiwan owned smartphones, tablet computers or both in the second half of the year, compared with 1.01 million in the first half, according to FIND.
In the breakdown, it was found that 13.55 million owned smartphones, which represented a penetration rate of 65.4 percent, while 6.04 million had tablet computers, indicating a penetration rate of 29.2 percent, FIND said.”
possessed smartphones and tablets. Judging by 65.4% having smartphones but only 29.2% having tablets, I would bet that very few have also a legacy PC. There’s just not much need for a large screen when a small one will do and it’s portable. When these folks need more resources they can find them on the web just as easily as on the LAN. It’s likely there are diverse kinds of users but I see in my own circle that of the younger and not so young generations, just about everyone has a smartphone and few have legacy PCs today. In my family, just about every home has a legacy PC (probably old and getting older) but almost everyone has a smartphone. I think in the last five years only one family-member has bought a new PC and it was a Mac…

Now, I have some influence in my family’s choices but I was teaching up north most of the year when my family was growing up, starting professional careers and making choices in IT. Most of them use GNU/Linux. Most of them use Android/Linux, but none use that other OS, not one. I don’t claim my family is typical but this does seem to be supported by global web-stats. That other OS has lost mindshare and the decline seems to track the deaths of aging PCs. A lot of folks are not seeing the need to replace legacy PCs very often and the slow rise of 8.* suggests that M$ will probably not have an uptick for many years to come and could have a precipitous fall when most legacy PCs at home seem to be collecting too much dust, making too much noise or taking up too much space. I pity the landfills/recyclers who have deal with this trash but smaller and cheaper PCs of all kinds, boxes, smartphones, tablets, built-in stuff seem poised to replace all of that bulk.

OMG! StatCounter reports that 8.* has peaked and is in decline

While I am disappointed to see that GNU/Linux (regular distros and ChromeOS) is not leading the charge, I am encouraged to see that they haven’t peaked or declined. They are holding their own in the tide of IT, which means tremendous growth in number of users not being swamped by Android/Linux.

See People spend over 1 hour a day on Line, FB: survey.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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4 Responses to Mindshare

  1. dougman says:

    Win-Dohs OS is irrelevant now, instead of developers it will be services..

    Repeat after me and clap your hands….


  2. ram says:

    Mr. Pogson said: “I pity the landfills/recyclers who have deal with this trash…”

    It is even worse now with UEFI. Now the old equipment can’t even be repurposed. That anti-feature has really killed many “computer” retailers. Even the wholesale computer parts suppliers are now expanding their lines to include lighting and surveillance products.

    kurkosdr said: “Or Statcounter figures are just BS.”

    I manage over a dozen customer facing servers across a variety of industries and across just as many countries. The server stats have never matched StatCounter or even been close. I also note that when we see heavy Microsoft browser traffic it comes from IP addresses controlled by Microsoft Corporation! Talk about lame moves, sometimes it almost looks like a denial of service attack.

  3. kurkosdr says:

    Never mind, statcounter is crap, here is what I get when I set it from Dec2013 to Dec2014.


    When I set it to Jul2012 to Dec2014 I get same numbers as Pog’s. Don’t know how this adds up, probably Win8.1 gets rolled into “other”.

    Sorry Pog, your source screwed up.

  4. kurkosdr says:

    Am I the only one who finds it weird that iOS has 12% while Android has 20%? Isn’t Android supposed to ship in 8 out of 10 mobile devices out there? Guess all those low-end phones and tablets sold by the shovel don’t surf as often as iPhones and iPads.

    Even weirder is that “other” aka Windows 10 (to a great part) was detected in about 14% of devices. WHAT? Someone should tell those guys they are running a beta OS.

    This also explains the decline of Windows 8, enthusiasts are probably installing Windows 10 on those machines. Can’t be anything else, since Win7 declined too, so users are not downgrading.

    Or Statcounter figures are just BS.

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