Heartbeat of Canada

Canada is my country. I’m proud of it. It’s huge, diverse, clean, and full of kind people. While Canadians occasionally make a mess of things, they tend eventually to try to fix things up. I have that feeling about use of GNU/Linux, that I feel is the right way to do IT. Canadians tend to lag USAians in some trends (GNU/Linux) and sprint ahead of them in others (Medicare). The GNU/Linux situation seems to be improving, according to StatCounter:

As you can see, there is a pattern developing. When the university/college students get out for the summer, there is a burst of activity, and it’s increasing. When the grade-school students go back to school in the fall, there is a burst of activity, and it’s increasing. When the grade-school students get their break at Christmas, there is a burst of activity, and it’s increasing. Page-views were higher in 2014 than in 2013 except for a few days. I like it. 😉 I expect 2015 will be a wonderful year.

About Robert Pogson

I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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6 Responses to Heartbeat of Canada

  1. DrLoser says:

    No particular reason to pick on this post, Robert, but what the heck, it’s 20:45 here in the UK and we’re about to flip the page, and this OP mentions Canada.

    A rubbish excuse, I know. But it’s about to be 2015!

    A very good year to you and to your wife and to your son and daughter. Without any irony at all, I wish you and yours the best for 2015.

    Mazel Tov!

  2. dougman says:

    How about you just STFU.

    You don’t know anything about Canadian markets; being a cube all day surely warped your brain.

    See even Dell caters Linux to Canada: http://www.dell.com/ca/business/p/xps-13-linux/pd

  3. DrLoser says:

    How about we concentrate on all OS’s across ALL markets shall we??

    How about we do just that, Dougie?

    Sadly, this post is devoted to Canada. Let us continue your no doubt informed and educated discussion elsewhere, shall we?

    Meanwhile, the market in Canada is roughly as I have detailed below.

  4. dougman says:

    How about we concentrate on all OS’s across ALL markets shall we?? Seriously, the ONLY market left for M$ IS the desktop, so what does that tell you? Linux owns or a has a serious stake in all the other markets, which just leaves M$ to one.

    This is why M$ is looking at services for all ALL OS’s.

    Windows 10 will not fix anything and it will have the same problems as all the other versions before it, namely malware and multiple reboots. Never before has M$ had two major OS flops in a row, and now that M$ has all but lost the war for
    mobile, they can’t afford to lose their one remaining monopoly.

    By the way, Chromebooks Were The Best-Selling Computers On Amazon For The Second Holiday In A Row http://www.businessinsider.com/amazon-chromebook-sales-2014-12

    Certainly not Surface devices, M$ response to a broken kickstand is to purchase another! http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/surface/forum/surfwinrt-surfgetstart/broken-kickstand/4f3bce85-795c-4df2-b6cd-d65e01d92948

    Best Comment, explains peoples disdain for M$: “It just seems insane that the answer provided by Jordana_S could possibly be true. From the design the kickstand was obviously meant to be a Field Serviceable Repair/Microsoft Serviceable Repair.If she is right, this is just another example of Microsoft’s hubris, lack of foresight, and “suck it up” attitude toward customer service. How a company can hate its paying customers this much is beyond me.”

  5. DrLoser says:

    One other interesting thing about StatsCounter/Canada over the last few years, however, Robert.

    Apparently, OSX has been running, consistently, at 14% since January 2011. Which is, I think you will agree, around three times that temporary Linux spike you highlighted.

    For four years.

    And your point about the Glorious Future In Canada was what? Looks more likely to be a Mach Kernel with BSD features and a GNU hinterland to me.

    Live by the stats, die by the stats.

  6. DrLoser says:

    Shall we concentrate on Win 8.0, Win 8.1 and Linux only, Robert?

    I think there’s a cookie involved here, but this graph suggests that, in Canada at least, 8.0 is doomed. I mean, it’s only just above Linux.

    But wait, what’s this? Do the maths! It looks like 8.1 started the year at about the same level as Linux, and has outpaced it by four times! (Currently sitting at 20%, if my eyes do not deceive me.)

    But at least GNU/Linux can console itself with that spike in May/June, when the Young People Who Are Our Future could have their say.

    Regrettably not — the spike for 8.1 is practically identical. The difference is, 8.1 carried on upwards … and GNU/Linux sorta, I hate to tell you this … dropped back down again.

    Good try, though.

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