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Joey Hess, Developer Of 18 Years With Debian Departs

The strife in the Debian community has had another casualty, Joey Hess.“If I have one regret from my 18 years in Debian, it’s that when the Debian constitution was originally proposed, despite seeing it as dubious, I neglected to speak … Continue reading

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Acer Returns To Profitability

Remember the netbook? It’s not dead. I noticed Acer has returned to profitability and thought I would check out its Aspire line… 29 models selling with GNU/Linux. 17 with that other OS. Hmmm… Maybe they’ve taken my advice and gloried … Continue reading

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The Malware-Treadmill

Sheesh! I’m glad I don’t use that other OS any longer.“Microsoft is issuing the largest number of monthly security advisories since June 2011, five of them critical and affecting all supported versions of Windows. And applying the patches will be … Continue reading

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The Last Barrier To GNU/Linux Desktops Crumbles

According to Digitimes, Chromebooks are having 100% growth this year. That should put them on the webstatistician’s radar finally.“global shipments of Chromebooks are expected to top six million units in 2014 and double to 12 million units in 2015, driven … Continue reading

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Ubuntu Global And Chinese Stats

Do the maths. In the last couple of years, about 600 million legacy PCs have shipped globally.“Over 30 million computers preinstalled with Ubuntu have shipped globally in two years and OEM sales of Ubuntu machines are growing in EMEA and … Continue reading

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Making Salami

I love salami. I’ve always wanted to turn a portion of a carcass of deer into salami but I’ve misplace my hand-crank meat grinder. It got lost in storage somewhere. So, I’m looking around, perhaps for something better like this … Continue reading

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Attacking Lock-in In China

Efforts to free China from M$’s tentacles are growing more organized:“commentators said one of Dell’s goals was to please Chinese authorities. In the most recent revision of China’s procurement regulations, bidders who offer laptops preinstalled with Chinese Linux-based operating systems … Continue reading

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More Lovely Brass

A while back, I wrote about a bunch of brass cartridges littering the forest (Lovely Brass). Today we found more, and they’re worth a bundle. Twenty-two 7mm Remington Magnum, two 300 Winchester magnum and one 300 Savage (don’t see those … Continue reading

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