Limited Potential For Wintel Means Unlimite Growth For */Linux

IDC, the great optimist of Wintel, sees limited potential for growth of the legacy PC going forward. They finally see that a whole new generation has grown up in a world of IT where M$ is not the goto company.“as younger generations become more mobile and Web oriented, and emerging regions in particular prioritize converged devices (or economy in number of devices to purchase), the PC market will continue to face tough competition and be more focused on replacements, with limited potential for growth.” Young folks are much less sedentary than older folks and feel no need to be touching a legacy PC all day long. They also use IT more. At the same time, these young folk are loving small cheap computers running */Linux. There is room for a lot of growth in billions of users still to come to IT. Meanwhile smartphones are becoming smarter and more powerful every year and tablets are becoming mature technology with growth like the legacy PC used to have.

See PC Outlook Remains Cautious, Despite Modest Third Quarter Gains.

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  1. dougman says:


    This is why I say, “Forget Win-Dohs, get a Chromebase”

    One thing to note, this puppy boots in ~10 seconds and no more malware.

  2. dougman wrote, “thats the thing grandma and grandpa use at home”

    That’s changing too because few PCs keep working more than a decade. I’d bet a lot of grandparents get help from the kids to buy/set up a new PC. 2 of my 3 kids use GNU/Linux PCs. 2 of my 3 kids also use Android/Linux. 1 grandchild also uses GNU/Linux. Another is too young… I’d bet that grandparents will need some help from those millions of school kids who use GNU/Linux. It’s viral. Another force is that OEMs are desperately trying to sustain volumes. They can do that by shipping more GNU/Linux and ChromeOS. Retailers have gotten the message loud and clear that the Good Old Days of Wintel are done. Also the emergence of */Linux on ARM is pretty slowly replacing legacy PCs but the only way to sustain volume is to ship small cheap computers. No one wants to pay ~$1K for a full-blown PC system these days except perhaps gamers and hobbyists. The vast majority are quite satisfied with what a smartphone can do and very soon the smartphone will drive monitor/keyboard/mouse on real desks, making the legacy PC totally obsolete for most users, even old folks and “creatives” and “workers”. Moore’s Law just can’t be stopped. Along with the hardware the software will also evolve. “Touch” is kind of useless for a desktop machine with a mouse and keyboard. GNU/Linux will have its day.

  3. dougman says:

    In a few years time…

    “Microsoft?… what’s that?? OH…thats the thing grandma and grandpa use at home”

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