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I GIve Up On Systemd

After many hours of reading/fiddling/reconfiguring I’ve given up on Systemd. It doesn’t work for me, preventing me from logging in until absolutely every service is running on my desktop system. Before, with systemd in charge, it was 83s to get … Continue reading

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wIntel Decides to Keep Tablet Subsidies

You know Wintel is feeling the pressure when they cut prices. They really hate to do that so they call those adaptations “subsidies” or “promotions” or what not…“Although the strategy helps Intel to maintain a share of around 90% in … Continue reading

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Some Debris In The Systemd Debate

Sometimes in a war, a side-issue emerges that provides combatants with a moment of distraction. Compared to the horror of the systemd-debate, discussion of GNU/Linux on the desktop is a welcome respite…“Linux never went anywhere on the desktop, and the … Continue reading

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