FLOSS Works – Now It Has Salesmen

A brand new illustration of the growth of LibreOffice…

The estimate of 80 million users comes from The Document Foundation. It’s very conservative, based on unique IPs of pings for updates. In their annual report for 2013, LibreOffice claimed 100 million users based on download numbers.

Then there is Canonical distributing Ubuntu GNU/Linux. In 2012, Shuttleworth estimated that most users of GNU/Linux had installed it themselves but that they were gearing up to ship Ubuntu GNU/Linux on 20million PCs annually from OEMs. In 2013, Ubuntu Forums had a break in and 1.8 million hashed passwords were stolen. That supports the idea that Ubuntu GNU/Linux has tens of millions of users. In 2014, Canonical claimed 20 million PCs had shipped from OEMs in 2013/2014 with Ubuntu GNU/Linux.

Then there is Dell with ~1K stores in China and India. They are likely selling most of those Ubuntu GNU/Linux PCs.

Then there is Linpus, dealing with OEMs directly in China where most PCs are made.

Then there is Europe with governments like France pushing FLOSS and India, making its own distro for use in government and business.

GNU/Linux and FLOSS now have many promoters besides us computer-geeks and it shows. FLOSS has become a major player in IT on a global scale whether it wins one PC at a time or takes over whole governments.

See New LibreOffice infographic ready.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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9 Responses to FLOSS Works – Now It Has Salesmen

  1. oiaohm says:

    DrLoser I have given you the IBM and HP whitepapers in the past. So please find the cites I have given you in the past and don’t waste my time asking for me to repeat self.

    Note the 4% was in the HP white paper saying that the Migration would cost Munich a fortune that Microsoft paid for.

    DrLoser these are white papers you have quoted repeatably apparently you never read them.

  2. DrLoser says:

    So, let’s get this straight, Robert.

    Linux on the Desktop has been a miraculous success, with hundreds of millions of satisfied customers. Why, it practically sells itself!

    Now … add salespeeps.

    I’m not sure that the Milky Way has enough candidate Linux Desktop enthusiasts to deal with this wonderful advance!

    On second thoughts, I am. What a shoddy worthless bunch of figures that was. Even a salesman (you know, the sort of Microsoft employee that you routinely take pot-shots at) would be embarrassed by them.

  3. DrLoser says:

    DrLoser Paretos Law matches IBM and HP white papers over the topic of Office suite usage requirements. Dougman 4% number matches the HP white paper over the topic.

    That’s two, possibly three, cites you owe me, oiaohm.

    Cough them up, please.

  4. lpbbear says:

    “An exercise left to the student. And, as a bonus, you can always ask oiaohm for his expert opinion.”

    And we can always count on you and Old(er)man and the rest of the MS shills to provide the POV of the arrogant pompous ass wing of IT……

    Oh well.

  5. ram says:

    Personally, I’ve always preferred emTeX. Now that has been generating great documents for a very long time! And it can do perfect equations!

  6. oiaohm says:

    DrLoser Paretos Law matches IBM and HP white papers over the topic of Office suite usage requirements. Dougman 4% number matches the HP white paper over the topic.

    The HP white paper explains the 4% it is accountancy packages and so on that don’t function if MS Office is not installed. Basically how far could you go only changing Office suite nothing else. Turns out quite a long way.

    Robert Pogson
    There isn’t any need to use M$’s office suite.
    We wish this was true but real world situations get in way.

    I like how Microsoft is giving away MS Office on tablets. I really want to see exactly what Microsoft does when Libreoffice finishes porting to opengl/opengl es.

    Libreoffice will release on tablets properly at some point without limitations.

  7. DrLoser says:

    Paretos Law explains this beautifully.

    I think I prefer your elegant exegesis on Francis Galton and Livestock, Dougie.

    But what with you being a pathetically and apparently self-purposed under-educated hick, I’ll go with Pareto.

    Here’s an innocent question, then. When dealing with power series, why would one be particularly interested in the region of 4%?

    An exercise left to the student. And, as a bonus, you can always ask oiaohm for his expert opinion.

  8. dougman wrote, “4% would only need M$ Office exclusively.”

    There isn’t any need to use M$’s office suite. There was a time it didn’t exist, after all. A lot of people, just about everyone I know, have never used all the features of that office suite, so they just don’t need it. I and many others produce perfectly great documents with LibreOffice. It doesn’t even matter much whether you use M$’s office suite now. There’s no law you can’t change and in the long run the savings are worth the short-term pain. A business that finds an employee is an addict can either discharge the employee or help them straighten out. It’s the same with usage of office suites.

  9. dougman says:

    Paretos Law explains this beautifully.

    80% of M$ Office users could get by with LibreOffice entirely, 80% of the remaining 20% could use LibreOffice partly and the remaining 4% would only need M$ Office exclusively.

    Simple math really.

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