FLOSS and Advertising

I notice the folks who ship Fedora GNU/Linux are irate about FireFox doing some advertising on the “new tab” page…

I checked mine and the “tiles” are all about pages that I visit frequently. I don’t see any ads at all. Besides, that page is sitting open but unwatched by me all day long sometimes. When I do type CTRL-tab, it’s often to type in a URI or search and I’m only on it for a few seconds. I doubt it’s very effective advertising but if Mozilla can sell the spot, more power to them. This is nothing about software Freedom. It’s just creative use of what could be wasted space on a special screen. Who cares? Not I. Some bills have to be paid and if the advertiser is willing to pay them instead of me paying them, it’s all good. I do hope there’s some relevance in any ads that do come my way…

Since most folks don’t sell licences/copies for FLOSS, why can’t they sell advertising, physical copies or provide some other service to make a living? It’s OK to make a living last time I checked and FLOSS is OK with that.

See Fedora Linux Set to Abandon Firefox over Advertising Issue..

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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4 Responses to FLOSS and Advertising

  1. dougman says:

    Adverts? LOLz..

    Hosts file and adblocking add-ons fixes that real quick; I had to laugh when YouTube put out the $10/month for ad-free videos. I was like, “Wow, what a deal!” NOT….I’ve had ad-free videos since the inception of YouTube.

    Now with Firefox.. they should just make a donation page and accept bitcoins, and quit Paypal and the credit card companies. Take a look at Linux Mint Donations over the past few years: http://www.linuxmint.com/donors.php

  2. DrLoser says:

    Since Fedora are making precisely zilch from FireFox advertising, Robert, I would think they have the perfect right to tell FireFox to get lost.

    Sort of works both ways, doesn’t it?

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