Happy New Year!… Or Maybe Not If You’re M$

M$ sweated the ~$1K box back in the old days but managed by anticompetitive moves to squeeze OEMs.“Digitimes Research expects Lenovo’s and Asustek’s 11.6-inch Chromebooks to be priced at US$149, 25% lower than the US$199 of the C720 from Acer, the largest Chromebook vendor currently.
The new price point will further reduce notebooks’ ASPs and also put strong pressure on Microsoft, which launched an inexpensive licensing project in 2014, looking to halt Chromebook’s development.”
At near $100 that won’t work any longer. M$ will have to pay OEMs to compete with what’s in the pipe for next year, according to Digitimes. Digitimes has spies in all the supply-chains and expects ARMed RK3288 devices to come in at $149, about what M$ used to charge for a licence. The way M$’s CEO expressed love for GNU/Linux M$ may just accept competition gracefully this time in the hope that some clouds will run their software. Good luck to them… 🙂

Chuckle. If they have at least 4gB RAM, I might buy one and retire Beast to the server-room for back-ups or private cloud work. Beast has a 45nm 95W CPU and 5 fans. That doesn’t belong near humans. This development will be the final step in freeing many humans from Wintel.

See Lenovo, Asustek to launch US$149 Chromebook.

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  1. dougman says:

    Chromebooks are the better deal for the entire family. No more malware and other M$ BS.

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