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My (little) Farming Machine

OK, I’m not a farmer but I do have a tiny bit of land that has killed off two roto-tillers and a mower in a few short years. I decided to move upscale… Here’s the ship that will move my … Continue reading

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M$ Encourages FLOSS Developers

I often read that the reason GNU/Linux lacks some applications is “fragmentation”, whatever that means.“This leaves Microsoft in the odd situation of giving developers no fully satisfactory framework for desktop applications. Much is either old, or broken, or difficult, or … Continue reading

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get GNU/Linux!

Sometimes, one comes upon a resource on the web that should be shared. Today I found Get “GNU/Linux”.“GNU/Linux, or simply Linux, is an alternative to Microsoft Windows. It is easy to use and gives more freedom to users. Anyone can … Continue reading

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Limited Potential For Wintel Means Unlimite Growth For */Linux

IDC, the great optimist of Wintel, sees limited potential for growth of the legacy PC going forward. They finally see that a whole new generation has grown up in a world of IT where M$ is not the goto company.“as … Continue reading

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Yes, M$, Audits Are Easier To Give Than To Receive

People are of two minds on this one. The year 2004 was around the time US DOJ v M$ was very interesting and one might think IRS went on a fishing expedition but this is only a recently started action.“Quinn … Continue reading

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Son of Pogson Tightens Up The Gene-Pool

To many folks, hunting is an anachronism, something our ancestors did out of necessity and something with agriculture and industry we no longer need to do. It’s not true. Where I live the white-tailed deer is not a native species. … Continue reading

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I GIve Up On Systemd

After many hours of reading/fiddling/reconfiguring I’ve given up on Systemd. It doesn’t work for me, preventing me from logging in until absolutely every service is running on my desktop system. Before, with systemd in charge, it was 83s to get … Continue reading

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wIntel Decides to Keep Tablet Subsidies

You know Wintel is feeling the pressure when they cut prices. They really hate to do that so they call those adaptations “subsidies” or “promotions” or what not…“Although the strategy helps Intel to maintain a share of around 90% in … Continue reading

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Some Debris In The Systemd Debate

Sometimes in a war, a side-issue emerges that provides combatants with a moment of distraction. Compared to the horror of the systemd-debate, discussion of GNU/Linux on the desktop is a welcome respite…“Linux never went anywhere on the desktop, and the … Continue reading

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FLOSS Works – Now It Has Salesmen

A brand new illustration of the growth of LibreOffice… The estimate of 80 million users comes from The Document Foundation. It’s very conservative, based on unique IPs of pings for updates. In their annual report for 2013, LibreOffice claimed 100 … Continue reading

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IT All Falls Down

For how long has the world’s IT been running naked, with anyone on the network able to take over the whole system?“it’s high impact and easy to exploit. And if you are exploited, the price is high, irrespective of any … Continue reading

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300K. That’s how many folks have taken the Intro to Linux course offered by The Linux Foundation. “we were able to offer our Intro to Linux course for free to nearly 300,000 people from all over the world. While the … Continue reading

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