It’s Official, U.S.A. Insane

Let’s see. USA wants Kurds and Free Syrian Army to fight ISIS“The key Syrian border city of Kobani will soon fall to ISIS, but that’s not a major U.S. concern, several senior U.S. administration officials said.” but they won’t lift a finger to help the Kurds defend a key city on the border with Turkey? They are insane. They could have a squadron of Warthogs stationed in Turkey, surround Kobani and cut off resupply to ISIS with a snap of their fingers. They could forge a deal between Turkey and the Kurds to deliver armour/artillery against ISIS there. There’s nothing like a crisis to open minds.

Instead USA drops a few bombs and ignores a major victory in the offing for ISIS. They could at least insert some forward observation and drop the bombs where they would count. Panetta, Clinton, Gates and others are right. Obama is an indecisive “leader”. He’s a follower.

See U.S. officials: ISIS will capture Kobani.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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15 Responses to It’s Official, U.S.A. Insane

  1. oiaohm says:

    Robert Pogson the Kurdish army is rebel army in 2 out of 3 countries it is in. The countries where its classed as Rebel it has problems getting rights to move forces and supplies.

    The old Iraq army is what the Kurdish Army fort for years under supplied holding ground. Start of Iraq war with supplies the Kurdish Army just took high ground after high ground. The Kurdish army still has to be able to fight close combat when thing don’t go to plan. Machine guns and grenades are for when everything goes wrong. Machine guns and grenades are also used when they are doing building to building clearing. Snipers can protect a town from being breached as long as they have the ammo todo so. The supplies from Iraq Kurdish Army bases to Kobani Syria Kurdish Army forces was blocked by Turkey.

    The ISIS badguys would not have breached the city if the supplies had been allowed. Lack of supplies forced Kobani Syria Kurdish Army forces to take evaluation plans. This is why there are revolts in Turkey by the Kurds at the moment to attempt to get Turkey to see we have problems. The attacking forces on Kobani came from Turkey as well. Turkey own standing army did not block ISIS either. Technically if Kurdish army were allowed todo what they wanted todo the ISIS forces attacking Kobani would have come under attack from Kobani and from the reinforcements from Iraq. Its very hard to win an battle when you supply routes are naturalized and you are taking heavy fire from in-front and behind. Rebel Iraq forces don’t have tanks or armored vehicles. The largest russian tanks the Kurdish Army in Iraq that they were going to send across boarder to sort this mess out have longer fire range than any ISIS weapon. Sorry ISIS even without air support don’t have the gear to go toe to to with Kurdish Army if they are not restricted. Kurdish Army just has the range advantage they can sit back and play pick off other side offensive means.

    Armored Saddam military arsenal is mostly destroyed. Most of what the Kurdish Army has was captured by them before the Iraq wars by the USA started. Why the USA fighter jets were extremely effective at wiping out division after division of armored equipment. What the USA forces were not good at getting rid of is field guns. Problem here none of the field guns that were in the Saddam Military arsenal have the range of the largest Russian tank that was in Iraq. Only armed force in area with those Russian tanks is the Kurdish Army because any that were not captured by the Kurdish army were destroyed in the IRAQ wars. Those tanks have a longer range than the Iran or Turkish forces tanks as well. Hello super weapon(ok compared to the latest USA or Russia mobile field gun items they are short).

    This is the reality in the area the army with ground forces with the right equipment to take on ISIS is Iraq Kurdish Army. Its just a case of some how giving the Iraq Kurdish Army the right to operate. Inside Iraq the Kurdish Army also had issues of internal boarder agreements they cannot cross.

    Robert Pogson the big issue here is Kurdish Army intelligence groups had collected enough information to know exactly where the ISIS group would be going so had planed a intercept. So Kurdish Army has all the advantages. They have infiltrated ISIS they can use the infiltrated informants to take ISIS out. The big problem they have is rules that are blocking them from acting.

    There is not a any area where ISIS has the advantage over Kurdish Army other than freedom of movement. Remove the Kurdish Army disadvantage and we will not need much air-support. In fact Kurdish Army to take back high ground is not using much air support at all. A few of the bombs from Australian jets have been fuel air to generate ear drum breaking shock-waves to allow Kurdish Army to capture the equipment. Kurdish Army own shelling would have destroyed the equipment.

    Air support requirement is light as long as Kurdish Army are allowed to move their equipment. Mostly non lethal but painful is what they want as long as they can play pick off at range.

    Helium balloon drloser can be insanely hard to get a weapon lock on also does not have to be stationary. Helium Balloon can be 95 percent see through. So water vapor has a larger optical or infrared profile. With a almost zero radar. Only hope will be targeting radio signal. Iran makes a drone in this class with optical up and down. So no electromagnetic signal to target either. So unless you can get to the control site you are fairly much unable to engage. By the way Iran drones fly at stratosphere so fairly much kiss good buy to using any weapon a human carries on the ground to harm it. Weapon capability bugger all but when you are needing tactical information its good. Yes iran makes fairly much this tech but design for use in war. Biggest advantage is the Helium Balloon tech could be sent airborne in central iran for anywhere around the area as long as down links are set up.

    The big thing here is getting Iran, Iraq and Turkey to share and work with each other. If they do ISIS does not stand a chance in hell. Iran has many highly useful techs that are locally made and locally repairable. Iraq has the mil force with the right arms and with combat experience at exterminating what most of the ISIS forces is made up of. Turkey has the ports to sell oil to fund it and a functional and trained air-force.

    Turkey can provide the air support in the form of fighters jets.
    Iran provides the drones and monitoring.
    Iraq with the Kurdish Army can provide the ground forces.
    Australia and USA provides some long range transport to bring supplies in quickly.

    This is all that needs to happen to kill ISIS. Only reason Australia need to provide fighter jets is Iraq does not have any that work and Turkey is not offering up their forces. Advantage following this kind of plan as outside force we don’t need to fire a single shot.

  2. DrLoser says:

    Any aerial platform a few KM back from ISIS’ positions would work. Ever wonder why they use forward observers when folks could just fly over at Mach 3 and have a look? Stationary is excellent. ISIS appears to have no antiaircraft rockets.

    I don’t know that I would be comfortable dangling under a helium balloon “a few” kilometres back, Robert, but then unlike you I am not privy to the latest military information.

    Still, we must work with what is publicly available on Wikipedia, no matter how disreputable you have proven that site to be.

    Now, without reference to Webster’s, 1913 edition, I think I am fairly safe in concluding that modern “aircraft” and modern “stationary balloons” are somewhat distinct in their tactical deployments. For one thing, the latter are stationary.

    Which leaves them wide open to being shot down via MANPADs such as the FN-6. Which only has a range of 6km or so, but it weighs 16kgs, so it could easily be carried across the border into Turkey by an intrepid ISIS guy with a Jeep or something.

    Oh, and it relies on infra-red homing, which might not work. No matter. There are several other MANPAD alternatives out there.

    And you are, of course, aware of the source of most of ISIS’ heavy military equipment? They got it directly from the post-Saddam military arsenal, which of course means that they have access to 21st century US hardware.

    You are seriously dreaming if you think that balloons are the answer. I only backed TEG up on this because both of us think it’s a total and disastrous joke.

    I didn’t check, btw, but have you made any meaningful charitable gestures? Or are you just pontificating?

  3. oiaohm wrote, ” Picking off a target at 2 to 3 km’s is a easy shot to Kurdish army soldiers.” and a lot of other exaggerations about the Kurds. If they could shoot that well, they would not be low on ammunition and they would not need machine-guns and grenades.

    I’ve seen the video on CNN of Kurds begging for weapons and ammunition. They are not well equipped beyond tenacious fighters. They are not all snipers. If they were, the ISIS badguys would never have reached the town. Any armour or artillery that the Kurds have is in Iraq, not Syria. That’s why they needed air-power to clear ISIS off the high ground. ISIS, OTOH is full of experienced disciplined military types from the old Iraqi army and they have all the toys combined with good tactics and zeal. Even well-supplied the Kurds have their hands full or Mosul would have been retaken already. ISIS has a bunch of cannon-fodder in the “recruits” but they have disciplined ruthless leadership who devise coordinated attacks designed to overwhelm and out-flank defenders. At the same time they can punish attacking Kurds. They are a serious threat on many levels.

  4. oiaohm says:

    Robert Pogson the Kurdish army does not believe in artillery bombardment. The hate of bombardment is why they don’t get along with USA forces. Australian forces it is odd to use bombardment as it too expensive in the Australian Government budget .

    The Kurdish army do have access to artillery and tanks but rarely use them. Kurdish army prefers to snipper to avoid civilian loses. This is why ISIS is at such a disadvantage against the Kurdish army when they are ammo supplied. Picking off a target at 2 to 3 km’s is a easy shot to Kurdish army soldiers. Think of them as complete units of snippers who use RPG and explosives to dig parties out of fox holes. The fact they don’t get into close combat most of the time means they are very hard to fight.

    Even that ISIS took Kobani the Kurdish army had pulled all the citizens out and destroyed the critical infrastructure of the city in the process killing half the attacking ISIS force. Kurds are not past dead man switch setups. Kurds don’t lose ground without costing the other side sections of their force.

    The Kurdish army don’t need the ISIS supply routes destroyed. The reality is the Kurdish army is well armed and when able to move will steal supplies from the ISIS forces. ISIS forces will not be able to steal supplies back from the Kurdish army due to their habit of explosive protecting supplies. All the Kurdish army needs is their supply routes make operational and protected from interference from Iran, Iraq and Turkey. Heck even if Kurdish army supply routes are not operations and interference from Iran, Iraq and Turkey stopped they will still take out ISIS.

    The Turkish issue with the Kurds is how well they can get entrenched. ISIS due to their lower skill level will be simpler for the Turkish army to fight than the Kurd forces. The Kurdish army is battle hardened and extremely well trained. Kurdish army only major weakness interference at borders in the area blocking their free movement and that weakness only exists because they don’t believe in just destroying boarder checkpoints like ISIS will because if they do they will cause diplomatic issues that could disrupt their supplies more.

    ram is right. If ISIS ammo supply was cut off for 12 weeks they would be no more as well. The other forces in the area would just run them into the ground.

    Robert Pogson and Ram this is not the first time the Kurds have faced a group like ISIS. To win harts and mind in this kind of battle you must not cause civilian loses. ISIS is using the solution of kill civilians to cause fear and make them do what ISIS wants. If you play that you are the savor card that you are their to protect them and all your actions even if they are slower do exactly that you will get inside help.

    Air strikes absolutely the wrong thing to-do due to the fact you can kill civilians by mistake so confusing the locals on what side they should back. Air drops of supplies correct thing to-do.

    Just to be aware the Kurdish army old name is the Peshmerga. They have at their command over 2000 Armour vehicles include tanks. There is a unknown number of field guns and other weapons in the Kurdish Army control. The Kurdish Army can serous-ally lay waste to a city with the the gear they have. The Kurdish Army would not need any support from Turkey to take a city under siege other than Turkey agreeing to keep their forces out of it and letting the Kurdish Army move without hindrance.

    The Kurdish army is a legally allowed force inside Iraq. This is how come Australia can send aid to Kurdish army forces they are a legal Military Force of Iraq. Kurdish Army is not a rebel force in Iraq. Kurdish army is still listed as a Rebel force in Turkey and Iran.

    The reality is the force to deal with the problem of ISIS in the Iraq, Iran and Turkey are the locals. All the locals need is minor support. The ISIS forces are just not skilled enough to go against a battle hardened army yet.

  5. ram says:

    The same international arms dealers that are supplying the Australian forces in the Middle East, chiefly Thales (owned by the French government) also is supplying the ISIS forces. The only ones who gain from the conflicts over there are the international arms dealers. Anybody who is there, or goes there to “play the game”, loses.

  6. oiaohm wrote, “So they are not a weak force as long as they can get supplies.”

    Yep. They did lose some positions when they absolutely ran out of ammunition and they don’t have much in the way of artillery. In the town on the Turkish border, they could kick ass if ISIS supply routes could be cut by air-power and the Kurds kept supplied with food/water/ammunition/weapons/replacements. I think the Turks are rather short-sighted not to see that ISIS is a bigger threat than the Kurds. Now would be a great time to call a truce and hope for future considerations in exchange for helping the Kurds against ISIS. Turkish armour could encircle the town and lift the siege without losing a man with the air-power available. The Kurds could mop up the ISIS intruders. This would earn huge points for the coalition. As it is the Free Syrian Army is not going to trust this disgusting coalition of gutless wonders. The FSA is fighting to save whole cities and the coalition does not think that’s on the agenda… Disgusting.
    I can’t understand a peacetime military that is unwilling to take a small risk for huge gain. Patton, Rommel, Churchill, etc. must be spinning in their graves at the lack of initiative with such awesome power/advantages over a detestable enemy.

  7. oiaohm says:

    Australia is already in the battle with the Kurds Army against ISIS. The Kurds Armed forces trust the Australian SAS. Kurds don’t trust USA forces or most other forces in the area as those are historically their enemies. Australia long range transport aircraft and some of our short range are providing the Kurds Army airborne delivery as well as shipping in support in the forms of supplies and equipment.

    Please note Kurds have government structure is officially a democracy as well as a properly formed Army. The Kurds army has held their area against the prior leader of Iraq, Iran and Turkey. So they are not a weak force as long as they can get supplies.

    Turkey historically has a territory dispute with the Kurds. Getting a temporary cease fire between Turkey and the Kurds to deal with ISIS is even pushing things but this would allow the issue to be resolved quickly. You would have a force on the ground that speaks all the languages natively and does not fear fighting.

    This is critical. The only reason kobani come under ISIS control is turkey blocked the Kurds army from moving. The Kurds standing army is strong enough to completely wipe out ISIS in the area as long as the Kurds army has a solid supply and without interface on movement. Technically if the Kurds were willing to play by ISIS rules Kobani would not have falling as the border blockage by Turkey would have been just crushed.

    All we need really to-do is let the Kurds do their history role in their region. Kurds for generations have exterminated groups like ISIS to the point their was no one alive to carry on.

    The Kurd army is the army with the longest history in the area. Since they are the oldest army we know how they operate and they do formally obey the rules of war. Kurds army are the most suitable Peace keepers. Yes it would upset the Muslims giving Kurds their own country but it may be the only way to fix the problem.

  8. That Exploit Guy says:

    Any aerial platform a few KM back from ISIS’ positions would work. Ever wonder why they use forward observers when folks could just fly over at Mach 3 and have a look? Stationary is excellent.

    So General Pogson is here to lecture everyone on how to fight a battle, isn’t he? That’s cute. I hope your toy soldier play set includes UAVs of various sizes and shapes because, you know, that’s what “aerial platforms” in 2014 are all about these days. If you keep being a good boy, I’ll even buy you one that you can play with on your “small, cheap computer”. How’s that?

  9. DrLoser wrote, of balloons, “they almost worked in World War One. Why not give them another try?”

    Any aerial platform a few KM back from ISIS’ positions would work. Ever wonder why they use forward observers when folks could just fly over at Mach 3 and have a look? Stationary is excellent. ISIS appears to have no antiaircraft rockets. That limits them to artillery and machine-guns which are not very effective against planes even a few miles away. Besides, artillery firing can be spotted from planes quite well, so combat air patrols can suppress that promptly. Unlike ground targets, balloons are very difficult to hit from long range because there are no ground bursts. Air-bursts would waste a lot of ammunition, reveal the firing location, and most often would not work. Balloons can be towed to different locations/altitudes so what the last air-burst did may not be near the balloon next time. Of course, NATO could also send in forward observers or train/equip Kurds. This pussy-footing around with a half-hearted war effort is the real problem, not tactics.

    s far as I know balloons have been used in every war since the 19th century. Nowadays folks are more likely to use drones or satellites but balloons still work. They are low-tech and could easily be deployed in this area.

  10. DrLoser says:

    I dunno, TEG. I like the idea of balloons.

    I mean, they almost worked in World War One. Why not give them another try?

    It’s not like they are stationary objects that could be shot down by an RPG or anything, is it?

  11. That_Exploit_Guy says:

    But, but… The US should send out planes and go whoosh… Boom!

    Or send out balloons and then go bang, bang, bang… Boosh!

    It’s always a treat to hear about geopolitics from someone that is mentally a five-year-old, isn’t it?

  12. DrLoser says:

    Oh, wait, I can see the response to that question already.

    “If only they listened to me and did what I said! Then there would be no need for me to open my wallet at all!”

    FOSS all over, even when it comes to geopolitics.

    Pah. Feeble, pathetic, wrong-headed, and fundamentally mean, Robert.

  13. DrLoser says:

    No, I think Kurks is 99% right there. Which, coming from a Greek, is as good as you’ll get as an impartial analysis of what Turkey is doing, and how NATO or the US or indeed anybody could deal with this particular horribly ugly scenario.

    Is there any particular reason, Robert, why you refuse to believe anybody who is actually near the front line on these things, and prefer to fantasize about some weird scenario involving blimps and noddy planes and lots and lots of boots on the ground on the Syrian border that … just aren’t going to happen?

    Well, we probably don’t really need to know. Just as long as it makes you happy.

    Contributed to any refugee charities recently?

  14. kurkosdr wrote, ” the general idea I have is that urkey doesn’t like Kurds much, because they want autonomy for the parts of Turkey there is a majority of Kurd population. Instead, ISIS is like a potential friend to the sunni Turkish government, aka “maybe we can turn them into friends someday when they calm down, and maybe they ‘ll help us overthrow Assad eventually”. But this is just the general idea I have, it may be wrong, it probably is.”

    That may well be operational but Turkey is a part of NATO and USA is a part of NATO and so is Canada. We NATO members have higher standards. Turkey is a muslim country largely and ISIS is every bit as much a threat to them as to Iraq/Syria/Jordan/Israel etc. ISIS kills indiscriminantly. Wikipedia:“Article 5 of the North Atlantic treaty, requiring member states to come to the aid of any member state subject to an armed attack, was invoked for the first and only time after the 11 September 2001 attacks, after which troops were deployed to Afghanistan under the NATO-led ISAF.” This activity by ISIS is a continuation of that action. Article 5 should still apply, overriding some political considerations. ISIS is recruiting all over Europe. They are threatening Europe.

    Whether or not Turkey comes to its senses, USA should get its act together and take advantage of Turkey’s offer of bases/airspace to hammer the shit out of ISIS. Warthogs are great close air support planes. Goodness. USA could send up a balloon on the Turkish side of the border and spot targets for the planes. What is lacking here is will and common sense and a willingness to win rather than any real obstacle to getting the job done.

  15. kurkosdr says:

    As per usual, Pog makes remarks about foreign policy without knowing anything about the underlying issues or even having a vague grasp about what’s going on in the specific region.

    I don’t know about those things either, but the general idea I have is that urkey doesn’t like Kurds much, because they want autonomy for the parts of Turkey there is a majority of Kurd population. Instead, ISIS is like a potential friend to the sunni Turkish government, aka “maybe we can turn them into friends someday when they calm down, and maybe they ‘ll help us overthrow Assad eventually”. But this is just the general idea I have, it may be wrong, it probably is.

    The point is that foreign policy is really complex, it’s almost never a black vs white issue, and writing about it with so much certainity in your blog is silly.

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