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All over North America, improving education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics is a hot topic. It was not surprising to read that the Province of Manitoba included this in a recent press-release: “working with all deans of education to … Continue reading

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Another German Town Comes Out Of The Closet

No, they’re not gay! They’re using GNU/Linux on ~90% of their PCs.“The administration now uses 300 thin client PCs, with desktop and applications retreived a SuSE Linux Terminal Server cluster of six servers. The desktop environment is Mate. The city … Continue reading

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This post began as a comment provoked by a troll… It thought it deserved to be on the front page. ————– satrain18 wrote, “Your graph ALWAYS shows Linux gaining marketshare, but you NEVER show MS Windows(not “that other os” or … Continue reading

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