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Just Say No

I love Debian. It’s a great organization with an important mission, to deliver FLOSS to the world. Their GNU/Linux is very easy to install and to use and they have a huge repository. Unfortunately, a new init-system, systemd, has been … Continue reading

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When Consumers Have M$’s Price In Their Face

Consumers and businesses have long been squeezed down M$’s cattle-chute to monopoly.“enterprises will ultimately start paying for Windows by the user on a subscription model even as Microsoft gives away the platform on smaller screens.” Speculation is that the next … Continue reading

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ARMed And Dangerous To Monopoly

For decades personal computing and much of the rest of IT has been locked into x86 architecture.“Because of the success in scaling from 20nm SoC to 16nm FinFET, ARM and TSMC have decided to collaborate again for 10FinFET. This early … Continue reading

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