A City’s Fight For Freedom

When most of us adopted that other OS or had it forced on us by M$’s “partners”, few counted the costs of eventually escaping the lock-in.“In 2015, Udine will also pilot replacing proprietary PC operating systems, switching to Linux-based PCs.”It’s like some flowers that have barbs preventing bees/flies from backing out. Once in, they have to go through the mill to get out. For the flower it’s about fertilization. For M$ and “partners” it’s about enslaving the world, getting a free lunch, filling their mouths with money flowing off the conveyor-belt… For the bee, it’s all in a days work and they get to eat the pollen and honey. For users of that other OS there’s endless malware, crashes, re-re-reboots, zero-day exploits published when convenient for M$, forced upgrades of multiple bits of software at great trouble and expense…

It’s better late than never but Udine, Italy, has seen the light of freedom and is making its way out of the maze. They are now switching from M$’s office suite to OpenOffice.org, a FLOSS office suite that’s not out to get them. By being free of M$’s lock-in on the office suite, Udine should be able to move destops largely to GNU/Linux starting next year. They will do it in stages to make the job manageable. It should be unnecessary work but it’s not much different from buying a new set of PCs with M$’s latest product and replacing a lot of applications, drivers and hardware to stay on the treadmill. Sooner or later, Udine, like all the others who find freedom, should save their taxpayers a bundle and have an easier IT system to manage. One they can update at their schedule, keeping hardware longer, and having fewer glitches, malware, and the like.
See Udine city struggles to remove IT vendor lock-in.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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  1. ram says:

    “Most” ??? Speak for yourself. Certainly the companies I worked for and most of our clients never ever used Microsoft anything. Our servers, and those of our partners, never saw Microsoft clients ever get past 37% at Microsoft’s peak (quite some time ago). We sold, and still sell, industrial instrumentation to a wide variety of industries, but we admit North American consumers were not part of our market. Still the vast number of Asian companies would overwhelm any American consumer numbers. Always remember, there are more English speakers in China (alone) than in all of the USA. Likewise there are more Linux users in China than the entire population of the USA.

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