Finally. HP Delivers On The Promise of ARM Architecture On Servers

“Combining HP Moonshot innovations with the breakthrough capabilities of ARM® v8-A 64-bit architecture enables optimal compute with maximum memory and I/O throughput for web caching. The new HP ProLiant m400 servers, based on the X-GeneTM Server on a ChipTM from Applied Micro Circuits Corporation with Canonical Ubuntu operating system, saves on power, cooling and space, providing up to 35 percent reduction in total cost of ownership compared to rack servers.”Finally, HP is delivering the much-promised Moonshot modules with huge parallel-processing based on ARM. The units are not an exact replacement for more general-purpose x86 servers but they are wonderful for I/O bound processes needing huge numbers of nodes. Significant cost-savings for capital and operations can be demonstrated. Whether or not this technology gets a huge slice of the market remains to be seen but several big players are slurping it up: Internet service providers who want massive caching, HPC for signal-processing and the like, and particular loads suitable for parallel processing. In the right circumstances, less equipment is needed in fewer racks with less power-consumption. Of course, it all runs on GNU/Linux.

See HP Extends Benefits of ARM Architecture into the Datacenter with New Servers.

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  1. ARM will be a great boost to servers running the Linux operating system.

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