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Africa, Last Month

Africa is no longer the “Dark Continent”. There’s plenty of space and energy to bridge the Digital Divide with GNU/Linux. A few countries define this space. Many countries have only tiny percentages of connected people. Others have some but still … Continue reading

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Asia, Last Month

Asia is a mixed bag being so widespread and diverse in languages and cultures. Statcounter is even confused about it counting Russia and Turkey in both Europe and Asia… Their number for Asia is 0.78% GNU/Linux. I get 0.67% by … Continue reading

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What The End-days Of Wintel Looks Like

The tail has quit wagging the dog. Today, Digitimes reports, “As demand for touchscreen notebooks has been far weaker than expected, notebook vendors have stopped developing touch-enabled notebooks for the fourth quarter, according to sources from the upstream supply chain.” … Continue reading

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