South America Is Hot For Desktop GNU/Linux

Again, my calculations and StatCounter’s come in pretty closely. My weighted average is 1.61%. Statcounter’s “unweighted” number is 1.54%.

South America is very interesting because there is still plenty of room to grow. Brazil, for instance, has only about 50% connectivity. Peru and Bolivia are down around 40%. There are a few OEMs operating on the continent and they ship some GNU/Linux PCs. Also OLPC is busy bridging the Digital Divide and activist governments are taking steps to prefer FLOSS and secure IT from USA/NSA. M$ staved off a measure in Bolivia to prefer FLOSS. It’s bad for the monopoly when they can barely hold back the flood of FLOSS and GNU/Linux.

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  1. You mean “desktop Linux.” There is no such thing as GNU/Linux except in the imagination of freetards.

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