Score-card On Europe

With governments and citizens both making good use of FLOSS and GNU/Linux it’s no wonder Europe has a lot of good scores for shares of page-views, well over 1%:

Country GNU/Linux (%,Desktop)
Austria 1.90
Belgium 1.02
Bulgaria 1.50
Croatia 1.52
Cyprus 0.73
Czech Republic 2.75
Denmark 1.01
Estonia 1.87
Finland 2.49
France 2.69
Germany 2.45
Greece 2.08
Hungary 1.33
Ireland 1.69
Italy 2.19
Latvia 1.65
Lithuania 1.32
Luxembourg 1.59
Malta 0.87
Netherlands 1.36
Norway 3.56
Poland 1.21
Portugal 1.17
Romania 1.25
Slovakia 1.71
Slovenia 1.75
Spain 2.80
Sweden 1.33
UK 1.34
Average 1.73
Maximum 3.56

Without the leadership and sharing of information that exists amongst countries in Europe, I doubt this pattern would be any different than other regions. Instead governments all over the world attend trade shows and events sponsored by M$ and “partners”…

Where would Canada be on that list? Dead last, right next to Belgium and Poland and Cyprus. Countries that have for years preferred FLOSS are off-scale on that chart: Cuba, Venezuela, Uruguay, Ethiopia, Reunion… Governments do set a standard which influences all IT in a country. It’s about time Canada did more than just talk about FLOSS.

Well, those who have migrated to GNU/Linux and FLOSS have generally found it works for them or they would not have migrated. What’s wrong with the rest of them? Do they like throwing away tax-money? Do they like Patch Tuesdays, re-re-reboots and malware? I don’t know anyone who does unless their incomes depend on those things. The rest of us just want to create, find, store and present information fast and efficiently.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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