A Tale Of Two NAS Devices And Their Makers

A recent failure of a router has been diagnosed as a NIC failure on the motherboard. I can install another NIC to solve the problem. Along the way, I considered converting the rackmount server to be a NAS device for the LAN. With one NIC that could work. Well, I found a couple of NAS devices with similar capability and I checked out their specs.

  1. WD My Cloud EX2 High Performance Diskless NAS Personal Cloud Storage – $250 at NCIX
  2. QNAP TS-212E 2 Bay Personal Cloud NAS DLNA Mobile App Marvel 1.2GHZ CPU 256MB DDR2 RAM USB3 – $130 (special) at NCIX

Hmmm… This requires some research. Why is a NAS with a paucity of specs from WD double the price from someone I’ve never heard of before? Even QNAP’s page on Wikipedia was deleted as blatant advertising. I guess human knowledge does not need to know its existence… Strangely, WD’s page survives

A check on WD’s support pages finds wailing and gnashing of teeth. Users using NFS on the box found a firmware update scrapped NFS support! Ahhhhh!!! What were WD thinking?

Anyway, if I plugged Debian GNU/Linux into that router and used the single NIC, I could have total control over my NAS and skip problems like this. I’m not going to delete that statement even if someone thinks it’s blatant advertising. 😉 That special is attractive, though…

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  1. dougman says:

    Built my own NAS with Slackware,

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