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M$ Accused Of Massive Copyright Violation

Hmmm… a billion images X some default amount = a big hit for M$’s bottom line.“Online stock photo and imagery service Getty Images has filed a lawsuit against Microsoft, alleging "massive" infringement of copyrighted images.” What was M$ thinking when … Continue reading

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The Document Foundation Goes After Android

Not being content with making a huge impact in the market for desktop office suites, the Document Foundation is going after the burgeoning market created by Android/Linux. To speed things up, they are seeking an experienced team to organize and … Continue reading

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The Wrong Way To Install GNU/Linux

Don’t get me wrong, for a complete novice the black-box approach to installing GNU/Linux may be pragmatic and effective,“Once you’ve chosen what to do with the hard drive, Linux Mint will start the install process so you can save some … Continue reading

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FLOSS Is The Right Way To Do IT In Los Angeles Schools And Everywhere

Nathan Schneider has a good piece on bad things happening when big business gets to control the IT of large educational organizations“More and more governments are turning to free and open software. Munich, Germany, has saved as much as 10 … Continue reading

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The Zack Setup

Stefano Zacchiroli is someone I admire. His heart is in the right place full of love for FLOSS.“I use Free Software in general—Linux, GNU, GNOME, end-user applications, etc.—to be in control of my own computations. I love the feeling of … Continue reading

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The Legacy PC Has Peaked And Is Not Lifted By The Tide Of Small Cheap Computers

IDC’s latest predictions and summary of the personal computing market suggests“As the Smart Connected Device market matures, and emerging markets drive more of the growth, the percentage of the market made up of phablets plus regular smartphones is expected to … Continue reading

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