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Eventually Revolution Is the Easier Route To Escape An Oppressive System

When the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) throws fuel on the fire of revolution, you know it’s a big fire, happening in the public square.“While some have found the process of upgrading straightforward, others have found it expensive, irritating and time-consuming.And … Continue reading

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Mindshare-Momentum For FLOSS

That other OS is a total mess. It has been from the beginning when salesmen decided what an OS should be and“Windows is a total mess. A lot of those involved in developing it have left and it truly shows. … Continue reading

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Overturning The Distro

The systemd folks have an agenda, changing everything. While I, like many others, resist change I want to have some idea of where we are going and how we are gong to get there.“we push quite a few problems into … Continue reading

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