M$ Admits Defeat

You know how M$ likes to impose exclusive deals on “partners” to ensure monopoly is strengthened?“Microsoft has recently reduced the number of chassis suppliers for its Surface tablets and is now outsourcing all the orders to Ju Teng. Microsoft stopped placing chassis orders with its China-based supplier in August

Since Surface tablets only have limited sales, separating orders to multiple suppliers is not helping Microsoft negotiate for favorable prices.”
Well, the shoe is on the other foot now. They can’t demand lower prices from every Tom, Dick and Harry manufacturer. They are cutting back to a single supplier for “Surface” products. I guess dreams of monopoly in the mobile space have faded at last. M$ has no magic. M$ is not all-powerful. M$ cannot force the world to accept its technology. M$ cannot convince the world that it is folly to adopt other technology. M$ has lost its mojo. Good. The world of IT is better off without them.

See Microsoft reduces Surface chassis suppliers; may adopt similar strategy for other components.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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7 Responses to M$ Admits Defeat

  1. ram says:

    The ChromeBooks are nice and perform all the tasks (and then some) that were customary on laptops. As to workstations, everyone I know uses Linux (mostly Debian, some RedHat) on those and has for quite a while.

  2. wolfgang wrote, “microsoft still in first place by 1 – 2 orders of magnitude in terms of pc customers”.

    In the meantime, Android/Linux took in nearly a billion new users and looks to exceed any release of M$ within a year or two. Also GNU/Linux has growth rates not seen since the early 2000s. Enjoy the lead while it lasts.

  3. dougman says:

    In the mean time, M$ vainly attempts to convince people not to buy Chromebooks, here are their reasons:

    – you can’t run Microsoft Office
    – you can’t install Skype, iTunes, Photoshop, or Quicken
    – you can’t play PC games
    – you can’t just print to any old printer
    – you probably can’t use your existing USB peripherals (like your scanner or USB turntable)
    – there’s no desktop for you to place shortcuts or files on
    – you can’t choose where your documents go
    – you can’t watch popular movies and tv shows offline

    They even had a video up, that got taken down.


    The above list includes equally applies to Windows RT devices, but wait they are not making those anymore due to lack of sales.

    Hundreds of thousands of Chromebooks are being shipped to schools this year.

    “Chromebooks were given to every high school student. Principal Timothy Mitzel said Chromebooks were chosen because of their reliability, quick startup, and the constant updates from Google. He said the devices should help students and teachers collaborate more often and help promote more critical thinking.”


  4. wolfgang says:

    …M$ has no…is not…cannot…has lost…
    just whistling dixie for mister pogson. microsoft still in first place by 1 – 2 orders of magnitude in terms of pc customers and even more in revenues. overall money more and more each year. maybe when all the money is gone, microsoft will be gone, too, but not this year or next.

  5. dougman says:

    The majority of IT idiots that I ever had the misfortune of running into, were M$ backers and all sat on their fat collective a55es 24/7.

  6. dougman wrote, “creating an Anti-Chromebook video then coming out with $200 laptops to compete, only validates Chromebooks.”

    M$ did way more than that. They produced a whole advertising campaign against Chromebooks. They were shown on prime-time TV for months. You can bet they got lots of “writers” and “opinion-setters” to wale against them as well.

    Where the campaign failed miserably was that many consumers of PCs want less: less malware, less re-re-rebooting, less “Patch Tuesday” blues, less cost, and they don’t want a mini-mainframe, just a computer that does what they want. It’s all about Freedom. M$ wants the world to be slaves to Wintel to keep the cash flowing. The people want Freedom from all that M$ represents.

    It used to be that someone in my acquaintance would buy a legacy PC and shop around a bit every year. It has been years since that happened. I think it was five or six years ago the last time my son bought a legacy PC, a notebook. Another family member bought a Mac for video, and that’s it. I don’t know anyone else in all the extended family touting their latest legacy PC purchase (in nearly 100 people). It’s happening way less. On the other hand, folks are buying small cheap computers in bunches. They just don’t need a legacy PC for most of what they do at home or outside of work. Wintel is becoming a niche, just a replacement for mainframes and terminals in business. Eventually businesses will switch to servers for the grunt-work and small cheap computers for the clients. There just won’t be anyas much need for M$. Intel will make a ton of server chips running GNU/Linux but so will AMD and the ARMies. This is the way IT should be with people actually working for a living rather than resting on “laurels”.

  7. dougman says:

    Actions speak louder then words…the very action of creating an Anti-Chromebook video then coming out with $200 laptops to compete, only validates Chromebooks.

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