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Finally. HP Delivers On The Promise of ARM Architecture On Servers

“Combining HP Moonshot innovations with the breakthrough capabilities of ARM® v8-A 64-bit architecture enables optimal compute with maximum memory and I/O throughput for web caching. The new HP ProLiant m400 servers, based on the X-GeneTM Server on a ChipTM from … Continue reading

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Another Story Of GNU/Linux Working For Education

“Finding and pulling out computers stashed away in closets around our school, I put together a working demonstration of the K12 Linux Terminal Server with an old Pentium II-300 and only 192 megabytes of RAM. I bought some special boot … Continue reading

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Hallelujah! Debian Jessie Freeze Comes With Winter

“The freeze for Jessie is scheduled for November 5.” Great news! I’ve been enjoying using Jessie for many months now and have migrated all of our PCs to Jessie but the rate of updating has been tiresome. I hope with … Continue reading

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Africa, Last Month

Africa is no longer the “Dark Continent”. There’s plenty of space and energy to bridge the Digital Divide with GNU/Linux. A few countries define this space. Many countries have only tiny percentages of connected people. Others have some but still … Continue reading

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Asia, Last Month

Asia is a mixed bag being so widespread and diverse in languages and cultures. Statcounter is even confused about it counting Russia and Turkey in both Europe and Asia… Their number for Asia is 0.78% GNU/Linux. I get 0.67% by … Continue reading

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What The End-days Of Wintel Looks Like

The tail has quit wagging the dog. Today, Digitimes reports, “As demand for touchscreen notebooks has been far weaker than expected, notebook vendors have stopped developing touch-enabled notebooks for the fourth quarter, according to sources from the upstream supply chain.” … Continue reading

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South America Is Hot For Desktop GNU/Linux

Again, my calculations and StatCounter’s come in pretty closely. My weighted average is 1.61%. Statcounter’s “unweighted” number is 1.54%. South America is very interesting because there is still plenty of room to grow. Brazil, for instance, has only about 50% … Continue reading

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Peeking Through The Curtain Of Webstats To Find How GNU/Linux On The Desktop Is Doing

StatCounter provides a wonderful service to humanity by giving us their sample of the shares of page-views on selected websites by operating systems and browsers. Flawed as this is, it’s one of the best sources of information about how GNU/Linux … Continue reading

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2014 August 26 – The State Of GNU/Linux According To Statcounter

I figured out how to dump massive data from StatCounter (Top Desktop OSs Per Country, 26 August 2014 (map), and Download Data). Unfortunately, they set anything < 1% to zero… so we can’t see the long tail but the average … Continue reading

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Yesterday, Uruguay. Tomorrow, the world.

Yesterday GNU/Linux desktops reached a milestone in Uruguay according to StatCounter, 17.88% share of page-views. That was more than the declining XP, not surprising perhaps, but that share also beats “8”, “8.1”, Vista and MacOS/X combined. There’s still a ways … Continue reading

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Bash Bashed

Bourne Again Shell is in the news, in a bad way:“CGI scripts that use or invoke Bash in any way – including any child processes spawned by the scripts – are vulnerable to remote-code injection.” Of course, I’ve known not … Continue reading

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Act Locally. Help People Migrate To FLOSS.

LibreUmbria is a creation of some local government departments in Umbria, Italy.“This month, the city of Todi will complete its switch to LibreOffice, and the one in Terni will start, says Alfredo Parisi, founder of LibreUmbria and a researcher at … Continue reading

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