GNU/Linux Traction On The Desktop

Christine Hall is a wise woman. She wrote, “With the success of Chromebooks, it’s only a matter of time before the OEMs start pushing well designed laptops and desktops with customized versions of Linux installed. It’s bound to happen. Computer makers pay a fortune to Microsoft every year for the privilege of installing Windows. But Windows’ luster as a brand has faded, making this is no longer money well spent.”

I saw that years ago when I worked in schools. We could afford a lot more IT because we used GNU/Linux and the vast majority of users had no problems with it at all. GNU/Linux needs OEMs to offer this desktop to retailers in bulk ASAP. They can make more money through higher margins and the retailers can make more money through higher volumes. It does no one any good to stick with Wintel when it doesn’t sell well at all. OTOH, Android/Linux and ChromeOS are selling like hotcakes and GNU/Linux could offer something more than both on the desktop, all native code.

See Don't Fret Linus, Desktop Linux Will Slowly Gain Traction.

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  1. That new chip certainly does not fit my theme of small and cheap but it is an interesting gadget. My Beast at 95W TDP (4 cores, 2.5gHz, DDR2) looks tame by comparison. That embargo until Aug 29 worked real well, eh?

    What’s with 10 SATA but only one gigabit/s NIC on that mobo-chipset? That won’t use all the raw power of a truly networked OS like GNU/Linux. I guess it’s optimized for psychos who live in small spaces (singularities).

  2. Deaf Spy says:

    Oh, dear, what a shame. Now we rely on web-centric OS (antipode of desktop) to pave the way of Linux on… Desktop. Such non-sense.

  3. ram says:

    This is a bit off thread, but check out the following:

    Oh, and it runs Linux!

  4. oiaohm says:

    IGnatius T Foobar GNU/Linux was not Richard Stallman original naming suggestion to Debian. Lignux is the name that Richard Stallman first suggested to the Debian project that was completely rejected. It took until 1996 with Linus stating that he hated Lignux because it sound unprofessional for Richard Stallman to give up on it.!msg/comp.unix.misc/3sRoFcei368/ToXFSSsejWkJ

    The first known appearance of gnu/linux is 1992 Jamie Mazer. Gnu/Linux not Richard Stallman’s invention.

    Yes Richard Stallaman did show gnu+linux and gnu/linux to the project lead of Debian after “Lignux” idea had been completely rejected. Gnu/Linux has practical meaning to Debian and Debian users as explained on the Debian about page. Yes Debian is still trying to make a GNU/Hurd that works or exactly what GNU OS was meant to be.

    Debian full name for Linux form is “Debian GNU/Linux”.

    GNU/Linux exists as part of Debian bug reports because you might have a bug in GNU/Linux and GNU/freebsdk and so on. Multi kernel and userspace Distributions comes import to name kernel as well as userspace.

    IGnatius T Foobar really forget Richard Stallman the source for both me and Robert of using GNU/Linux is Debian. As a lot note Debian is different to other so called Linux Distributions. Issue Debian is a rare item as its a Distribution that is not just Linux. noarch debian packages install on GNU/Linux, GNU/freebsdk, GNU/Hurd and so on. This is why systemd selection by Debian was so radical by Debian standards.

    IGnatius T Foobar as long as Debian remains Multi kernel GNU/Linux term in the Debian community will exist.

  5. I think you mean “Linux traction on the desktop.” There is no such thing as GNU/Linux except in Richard Stallman’s imagination.

  6. dougman says:

    I have stated this years ago, but OEM’s each coming out with its own OS would be too fragmented.

    In reality, all it takes is M$ to abandon its existing code-base and start with Linux.

  7. Gonzalo says:

    Indeed. I’ve been saying this all along (despite the fact I’m just an user). However the inertia is SOOO strong, we are still there, in the past, waiting.
    GNU/Linux users should only buy ZaReason and System76 and similar hardware, make “critical mass” to show OEMs that GNU/Linux is wanted on computers as much as Android/Linus is on smart-phones.
    For tablets (and phones), I hope Ubuntu and Firefox OS succeed, also. Google’s full domination is not good.

  8. Agent_Smith says:

    It’s a very interesting view. I do not share that view, but I hope that it might happen.

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