China Seems Headed For Government-Approved FLOSS

Hmmm… After banning “8” the government of China is going after Apple’s stuff.“the list of banned Apple products include the iPad, iPad Mini, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and half a dozen other items, all of which were left off of a final government procurement list distributed in July” While I agree with this move (software patents, backdoors, etc.) it’s a bit strange to have any government ban software or products containing them. Most governments let the markets decide. With non-Free software, that doesn’t work very well, but it is surprising that the government most enamoured of that other OS would make such a public change of course. Why didn’t they do this a decade ago? I guess it takes a couple of five-year plans to figure this stuff out. It’s still a puzzle why something that is a threat to national security is only a threat to national security on the government’s computers…

Better late than never.

See China Issues Ban On iPad, MacBook Pro, And Other Apple Products For Government Use.

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