Ladislav Bodnar Reports On Some Web Stats

Stripping out his numbers and putting them in a table“A couple of months ago the website published their most recent platform and browser statistics. I thought it would be interesting to compare their figures with those of OSNews is, of course, a more general technology news site than DistroWatch, covering all operating systems rather than focusing only on the free and open-source ones as we do. Nevertheless, it is likely visited by technical users interested in new technologies.” I think I see a pattern:

Site Share of */Linux
Wikipedia 13%
OSNews 21%
Distrowatch 46%

His numbers for browsers are even more startling. Even those who use that other OS to visit these sites are using M$’s browser only a few percent, 9% on Wikipedia but only 2.7% on Distrowatch. The world of FLOSS and */Linux has come a long way and the popularity of Free Software amongst the technologically literate is spreading to the mainstream of ordinary users of IT. Two of the greatest lock-ins that M$ developed are fading rapidly.

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4 Responses to Ladislav Bodnar Reports On Some Web Stats

  1. JD wrote, “How about you Mr. Pogson, could you tell us how the stats look for your blog?”

    I used to have such stats up on the side. I lost that in the migration to a new server. I will try to collect some anew.

    UPDATE After a few hours this is what I get:

    OS Share
    Windows 73.3%
    GNU/Linux 13.7%
    Android/Linux 7.9%
    iPhone OS 2.9%
    Mac OS 2.2%

    There were a whole bunch of “unknowns”. I’ll take them as spammers and ignore them.

  2. JD says:

    Here are some stats from my own blog:
    Chrome – 54.30%
    Firefox – 33.50%
    IE – 5.86%
    Safari – 3.52%

    Windows – 61.39%
    Linux – 27.42%
    Mac – 7.07%
    Android – 2.27%
    iOS – 1.74%

    How about you Mr. Pogson, could you tell us how the stats look for your blog? I know most readers to this blog would be the techy type and wouldn’t represent “real” world stats, but it would still be interesting nonetheless.

  3. dougman says:

    If you average the three, you derive 26.6%, typical 80/20.

    The 1% line is BUNK!

  4. Mats Hagglund says:

    Linux= 29,38% (Linux pc, Android Linux, ChromeOS, Firefox OS)

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