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Ladislav Bodnar Reports On Some Web Stats

Stripping out his numbers and putting them in a table“A couple of months ago the OSNews.com website published their most recent platform and browser statistics. I thought it would be interesting to compare their figures with those of DistroWatch.com. OSNews … Continue reading

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Yet Another Reason To Avoid The NFL

If criminal connections, spousal abuse, injuries to brains, and a dreadfully low duty-cycle haven’t already put you off watching NFL games, “The Official Tablet and PC Operating System of the NFL.” now they’ve formed a league with the devil, M$. … Continue reading

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Citizens of UK, Rejoice!

When a monopolist loses one of the major components of its lockin and complains about it,“Microsoft believes it is unproven and unclear how UK citizens will benefit from the government’s decision.” we should all celebrate. After UK decided to standardize … Continue reading

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