Netcraft’s Understatement Of The Month

Netcraft dug a little deeper this month to explain why M$’s IIS gets so many hostnames. It’s not anything to do with price/performance, but Chinese use of that other OS…“The IIS market share growth in hostnames has not been reflected in our other metrics…In just over a year IIS has gained over 236 million hostnames (+172%) while only gaining 503k active sites (+2%). The number of web-facing computers running IIS websites has increased by just over 30k (+2%), compared to Apache’s 171k growth (+8%), and nginx’s 159k growth (+53%), resulting in a 2.4 percentage point loss in market share for IIS by this metric. “ Well, easy come easy go. The Chinese will eventually police their licences and switch to GNU/Linux for price/performance. That should set things straight. M$ runs only 12% of active sites, like mine. Apache gets 51%, Nginx 15% and Google 8%.

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