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Yes, Businesses Can Use GNU/Linux And Have Better IT For Less

The death of XP has prompted a lot of searching for solutions in businesses.“In the first phase of the project, Bukwang Pharmaceuticals switched around 400 PCs to Ubuntu. Even before the planned migration of all remaining machines, savings on annual … Continue reading

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Netcraft’s Understatement Of The Month

Netcraft dug a little deeper this month to explain why M$’s IIS gets so many hostnames. It’s not anything to do with price/performance, but Chinese use of that other OS…“The IIS market share growth in hostnames has not been reflected … Continue reading

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Russia Demands Opening The Source Code

One component of the rules for FLOSS, examining the source code, is essential today because governments and others like to spy on everyone. The government of Russia gets that.““It is obvious that those companies that disclose the source code of … Continue reading

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