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Statistics On GNU/Linux Usage, Wherever We Can Find Them

Blush! A huge porn site has released its figures… “The numbers for Linux based operating systems are bang-on – 1.7% of Pornhub traffic and 1.7% of desktop penetration as reported by Net Applications in July 2014. … 24% of Pornhub’s … Continue reading

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Why I Hate Non-Free Software

I read about a useful application now available on GNU/Linux as a $free beta download. A .deb package was provided and did install easily on my Debian Jessie 64-bit system. The programme mostly worked as advertised but despite Aspell being … Continue reading

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Investing In FLOSS Pays Dividends

There’s more than one way to pay for software and investing in FLOSS is hard to beat. Rather than just paying licensing fees, Walmart pays programmers to contribute to a FLOSS project for a component of their websites."every five startups … Continue reading

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Geek? Want a Notebook Like RMS? Lemote Yeeloong Could Be The Answer

I guess I am a geek because I knew RMS had a notebook like this so that he could use only Free Software on his PC.“Lemote Yeeloong 8089B 8.9" opensource laptop Loongson CPU inside mini notebook computer linux pc for … Continue reading

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Resistance to the Linux Desktop Is Futile – Get Over It

Bruce Byfield responded to news that Linus still wants the desktop by trotting out some of the usual ideas and one I know to be false:“Free-licensed desktops have been an alternative now for almost a decade, but many average computer … Continue reading

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Popularity (or lack of it) Of That Other OS on Servers

According to Netcraft, it’s been many years since M$’s OS was so unpopular on servers, like early on in the Age of the Web… You have to wonder how a company with lots of salesmen, lock-in with OEMs, retailers/channels, $billions … Continue reading

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GNU/Linux Traction On The Desktop

Christine Hall is a wise woman. She wrote, “With the success of Chromebooks, it’s only a matter of time before the OEMs start pushing well designed laptops and desktops with customized versions of Linux installed. It’s bound to happen. Computer … Continue reading

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The Magic Of USB Flash Drives

Soon I will go to a meeting where I might have to install Debian GNU/Linux without an Internet connection. To do the job, I made up a USB drive with everything I will need: basic formatting, firmware, including possible non-free … Continue reading

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Start Talking About the GNU/Linux Desktop

Linus just mentioned that he thinks GNU/Linux could succeed on the desktop and folks come out of the woodwork dumping on the idea…“The briefest glance at market share data suggests that I’m not alone, either. While hundreds of millions of … Continue reading

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Notebook Reality

All over the web, supporters of Wintel are celebrating the first quarter of growth in ages. Reality is that the top five OEMs of legacy notebook-PCs had growth in their market shares but the market as a whole only grew … Continue reading

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I Attended A Meeting Yesterday…

I attended a meeting yesterday where data and presenting it were discussed. I mentioned that one could do a better job with a spreadsheet application than paper and pencil… A question arose about which application to use and M$’s office … Continue reading

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Reports Of The Death Of GNU/Linux In Munich Are Greatly Exaggerated

Here and elsewhere we read that the mayor and M$ are drooling to pave over GNU/Linux with that other OS in Munich…“Suggestions the council has decided to back away from Linux are wrong, according to council spokesman Stefan Hauf.He said … Continue reading

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