Netanyahu Would Kill His Own Mother If A Terrorist Were Hiding Behind Her

“An Israeli military spokesman said an initial review indicates militants fired at Israeli soldiers from the area of the school, and Israeli soldiers "responded by firing at the origin of the fire."”So much for the Israeli boast that they go out of their way to spare innocent civilians. Artillery rounds into a school will not spare civilians. This crap about needing to carpet-bomb Gaza because a few missiles reach Israel is garbage. All they have to do is put an “Iron Dome” over Gaza and the missiles would never reach Israel… Missiles are much easier to track and kill while they are accelerating than when they are at maximum speed. This is all an excuse to punish Palestinians for the sins of Hamas. Even the damned tunnels could be mined or bombed and crushed. It would cost much less in lives, time and money to do that. There is no need to invade Gaza to do that.

See 'Humanitarian window' under way in Gaza.

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