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LibreOffice 4.3, The Almost Perfect Office Suite

By any measure, LibreOffice is a great office suite.“According to the Coverity Scan service, joined by LibreOffice in October 2012, the quality of LibreOffice source code has improved dramatically during the last two years, with a reduction of the defect … Continue reading

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Netanyahu Would Kill His Own Mother If A Terrorist Were Hiding Behind Her

“An Israeli military spokesman said an initial review indicates militants fired at Israeli soldiers from the area of the school, and Israeli soldiers "responded by firing at the origin of the fire."”So much for the Israeli boast that they go … Continue reading

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83% of Chinese Get Their Internet Fix From Smartphones

Yep. That’s straight from CNNIC, the China Internet Network Information Center. Yes, they still use desktops for that but the preferred medium, even at home is the smartphone. Wintel is doomed. Too expensive. Too inflexible. Too immobile. Too impersonal. It’s … Continue reading

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