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Folly – Wintel And “Partners” Response To Competition

There’s this thing about dinosaurs. They were magnificent and perfectly suited to their environment… until the environment changed.“Intel, Microsoft and notebook brand vendors are preparing to push entry-level notebooks priced at US$199-249 in the second half, according to sources from … Continue reading

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Things That Make Me Go “Hmmm…” – Weather

I was checking the weather. I need rain to fall on my yard or I am going to have to drag out those hoses again…“Likelihood of Precipitation (LOP) as described in the public forecast as a chance of measurable precipitation … Continue reading

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Choosing Debian GNU/Linux

Here’s a guy who like me chose Debian GNU/Linux. His tastes are a little different but he gets what he needs because Debian is reliable and diverse.“all the hardware and related software updating works insanely well, even better than at … Continue reading

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