More Small Cheap Computers

SJVN has a survey…

How about this baby, with 2gB RAM and 4x 1.7gHz? If only it had some SATA ports, Beast could be out of business. I would like a bit more RAM too, but for $65 it surely wins on price/performance.

At this rate, next year I will replace Beast with something like this for my day to day computing. I might still fire up Beast to build kernels or something. I doubt it will ever be used as a terminal server. It uses way more than twice the power the little woman and I need for computing and is full of fans (5).

See also the product page including the video showing a little lady hooking it up and giving it a run around the block.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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  1. oiaohm says:

    kurkosdr the new Raspberry Pi B+ in fact can provide the right amount of power as per USB spec without falling over. Mind you draw too much power from USB and fail was very common in arm prototype boards from the time Raspberry PI was first designed..

    O-DROID-U2 had the same issue of dieing when drawing too much power out USB ports. First generation Raspberry PI B I have contain a fuse so under too much draw usb ports drop out and the cpu stays up. So resetting self in case of too much power draw depend on the generation.

    Removing the fuse allowed more power to pass through board leading to the other issue.

    Raspberry PI we have to thank for being open hardware and showing developers how not to do USB and with the B+ how to do usb. B+ and O-DROID-U3 both use a on board powered usb hub the OS can reset in case of overload. Yes how to implement USB include a HUB.

  2. kurkosdr says:

    “Another Raspberry Pi?”

    With the difference that the O-DROID U3 can actually DO stuff.

    The Raspberry Pi needs “special” binaries and OS ports, because it uses an ancient version of the ARM ISA. It’s slow CPU can’t do web browsing well, it can’t play video files with DTS sound without stuttering, and since running emulators for any but the most ancient consoles is out of the question, what can it do actually?

    Even the manufacturer realizes this, that’s why they target it towards teaching basic computer programming to kids (okay, it can do that).

    Oh, and the Raspberry Pi price is a scam. You also have to account for the 15-20 bucks a powered USB hub costs, because the Pi will reset itself if a USB device asks for a little more power, losing all data in the process. It just can’t delliver the 500mA the USB standard defines. Oops! It now costs almost as much as the ODROID U3 costs.

    PS: I am ordering the ODROID U3 in a week or so, being the nerdy nerd I am. Just to run Android on it. (Gapps are provided by the manufacturer)

  3. luvr says:

    I don’t think his question meant that he had anything against the Pi, but he merely expressed surprise about the competitive atmosphere around these types of small, cheap computers… 🙂

  4. dougman says:

    Dead Sly, what do you have against the Pi? Perhaps a little butthurt, you did not come up with such?

  5. Deaf Spy says:

    Another Raspberry Pi?

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