Smartphones Shipping – 1.2 Billion 2014, 2 Billion 2018

“ABI Research expects 1.25 billion smartphones to ship in 2014 and forecasts smartphone shipments to pass the 2 billion mark in 2018. The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over the forecast period from 2014 to 2019 is 12%.”

ABI Research says the 60% penetration of smartphones in the developed markets could be possible in the developing markets thanks to lowering prices… Wow! Just Wow! This makes “the PC revolution” seem like a rummage sale. Soon, more smartphones will ship per annum than legacy PCs extant.

See Over 2 Billion Smartphones to Ship in 2018, 1.25 Billion in 2014.

Need a second opinion? See Smartphone Sales Volume to Touch 23.6% Growth in 2014 on the Back of Emerging Markets

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5 Responses to Smartphones Shipping – 1.2 Billion 2014, 2 Billion 2018

  1. dougman says:

    Another point I want to draw attention to, is that Nokia contributed code to the Linux kernel. So it would be in M$ best interest to kill off contributors to it’s competition.

  2. dougman says:

    its “Embrace, Extend, Extinguish” again. What else would you expect from them?

    Supporting the Android ecosystem simply didn’t align with Microsoft’s vision, a vision of mobile devices and apps that no one buys and whereby M$ must PAY devs to create apps for.

  3. dougman wrote, “Android-powered Nokia phones”.

    I think it is bizarre that a publicly traded company like M$ would cut a product that’s selling like hotcakes. Perhaps Nokia’s overhead was just too great. In that case, why didn’t they just shift the manufacturing to Asia? It’s like a trapped animal severing the free leg… I bet the coming 10-Q (Tuesday, July 22) will show considerable red ink. The charge is reported to be ~$1billion (capital write-off and severance) but what about the revenues/cost of sales? That might well be more than $1billion. All this on the little old client division… It may be close to red-lining. Maybe they should have taken the District Court’s ruling and been better off severing the ties.

    Meanwhile, Google makes no cuts

  4. dougman says:

    The future looks more and more bleak for M$.

    Today I we read, “Lenovo stops selling small-screen Windows tablets in the U.S. due to lack of demand”, then there is “Microsoft job cuts far worse than rumored, could reach 18,000
    Up to fourteen percent of workforce, Android-powered Nokia phones, being cut.”

    M$, has fumbled most of the biggest opportunities in the technology markets like mobile, search, social networking, and cloud.

    Lets count the ways:

    1. Losing $8.1B in online services in a single quarter – Awkward.

    2. $6.2B write off of aQuantative which was bought for $6.3B, ie, it was worth $100M – Awkward

    3. Windows 1.0 release? – Awkward

    4. Zune player to compete with iPod – Awkward

    5. Kin mobile phone killed months after launching – Awkward

    6. Windows 8 – Awkward

    7. Hailstorm a service “for storing and retrieving information” became known as Passport – Awkward

    8. Floating Point Error on Intel’s Pentium processor in 1994 – Awkward

    9. MS-DOS 4.0 – Awkward

    10. Investing to Save Apple Computer which created the iPhone and the rise of Apple dominance – Awkward

  5. Mats Hagglund says:

    Which means about 1.6 billion Android smartphones and perhaps 250 million Android tablets. Compared that 260-300 million pc and hardly more than 55% of them Windows preinstalled. With less than 100 million Windows mobiles we can easily estimate the rate of Windows:Linux

    it’s about 1:6 for Linux. Take that under consideration.

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