GNU/Linux Is A Part Of The Rebound In Sales of PCs

IDC and Gartner have reported that Q2 of 2014 showed a considerable rebound in shipments of legacy PCs but GNU/Linux is a part of that, according to web stats. IDC even mentions ChromeBooks in it’s story: “Despite the end of Windows XP support in early April, it appears many Windows XP migrations continue to take place. Most major vendors saw solid growth, and early indications also point to desktop shipments being stronger than expected in some areas, signaling continued business buying. The consumer side also appears stronger than expected, with growing activity among the lower-priced models as well as Chromebooks.

One encouraging factor was a good intake of lower-end systems, including Chromebooks, which coincides with the recent slowing in tablet growth and perhaps signals the beginning of some stabilization on the consumer side”

So, it pays to have salesmen and it appears that both Chromebooks and GNU/Linux machines have salesmen. It’s all good.

See PC rebound in mature regions stabilizes market in 2Q14, says IDC.

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4 Responses to GNU/Linux Is A Part Of The Rebound In Sales of PCs

  1. wolfgang wrote, “rebound in usa and eu where big money spent is good news for microsoft fellas for sure”.

    Well, consumers are about half the units and there is the rest of the world… All a rebound does is slow the descent. The new CEO hardly every says the name of the OS. It’s all about cloud and stuff.
    “Wes Miller, research vice-president at Directions on Microsoft, told The Register the IT goliath is shifting away from its decades-old a-PC-running-Windows solution to everything. For example, the cloud-heavy Office for iPad has emerged, and the Windows Azure cloud was rebranded Microsoft Azure and now supports Android app development.”

    Yep. Maybe 9 or 10 will be the last of it. M$ can make money from */Linux like everyone else and the world will be better off.

  2. oiaohm says:

    wolfgang Not exactly sure that its good news. Increased sales low end still equals people not willing to spend.

    Business buying may or may not be Windows.

    Thinking how limited chromebook functionality still is and it selling well it should be enough to worry Microsoft.

  3. wolfgang says:

    …very interesting…

    rebound in usa and eu where big money spent is good news for microsoft fellas for sure. wait for profit call from new ceo to see if mega company even better business.

  4. dougman says:

    All everyone needs to know:

    Go buy yourself a Chromebook and enjoying something that will last many years, hassle and trouble free of the crap that MicroSh1t gives you.

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