Government Of Korea Is Into FLOSS For The Long Run

South Korea is into FLOSS in a big way (Android/Linux smartphones). Why shouldn’t the government do the same?“By 2020 when the support of the Windows 7 service is terminated, it is planning to switch to open OS and minimize damages. Industry insiders pointed out that the standard e-document format must be established and shared as an open source before open source software is invigorated.” Perhaps the huge size of government holds them back with greater lockin because the government is planning to take five years or so to switch from “7” to Free Software for several reasons:

  • escaping lock-in,
  • opening services to all operating systems by using open standards, and
  • lower costs of IT.

Amen. The only thing I would do would be to switch faster. Why wait for “7” to die like XP? Not switching from XP to GNU/Linux was a mistake. I see not switching from “7” sooner just another mistake. Perhaps it’s nothing to worry about. They are rolling out 10 test projects next year. I expect they will succeed and nothing really is left to hold back the government from migrating except the size of the task. Maybe a couple of years will be all it takes. Labour to change applications is cheap in South Korea. The willingness of Koreans to accept Android/Linux is a good sign.

See The government says, “we will break away from OS dependency with open source software by 2020”.

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